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Tips for Choosing Right Promotional Umbrellas for Your Targeted Customer Segment

Promotional umbrellas are offered in different styles, sizes, colors and budget- thereby making it easier for marketers to arrive at right conclusions. If you are not certain about your employing these umbrellas in your targeted segment, then here are few suggestions, which may aid you in making the right decision. Here it goes –

Tips for Choosing Right Promotional Umbrellas for Your Targeted Customer Segment

  • Women
    Most of them perceive umbrellas a fashion accessory, which means you need to be very peculiar about colors and their utility value, too. Parasols and small standardized umbrellas in exciting colors and patterns work best for them.  Women are always fond of such umbrellas and love carrying them over their shoulder or within bags. Bubble umbrellas, telescopic folding umbrellas, and various fashion umbrellas are worthy of consideration, too.
  • Kids
    If you think a promotional kids umbrella is a wastage of money, then you are making one blunder assumption of the year. Kids love their umbrellas as much as adults and often think highly of a person or brand, which gifted them unique umbrella. By investing in a kids umbrella, you are actually targeting two segments – parents and kids. You can go for typical kid’s umbrella with funny imprints over canopy, mini umbrellas and small sized windproof umbrellas.
  • Youth
    If you wish to target teens and youth, then color and novelty are the key to success. It is an age, when most of them are tend to leave their umbrellas at home and don’t mind getting wet in rain. If you wish to make them little responsible, then don’t hesitate to gift them flashy and eye-popping umbrellas. Your slogans and brand symbols will definitely work magic over their minds. Also, they will take no time in appreciating your efforts in addressing them. After all appreciating good and criticizing bad is another trait of a youth!
  • Professionals and Executives
    They always wish to look perfect and strive hard to achieve that immaculate look. You can accentuate their confidence by handing them an executive standardized umbrella in authentic colors such as brown, black, blue, etc. In short, these are the folks, who love authoritarian umbrellas featuring extra width canopies, storm vents, etc. Wood stock umbrellas are the elegant choice if you are targeting your employees.
  • Sportsmen
    You know “golf umbrellas” are the best bet, isn’t it? Go for larger and windproof umbrellas offered in bright colors or alternate colored panels.

Choosing the right promotional umbrella will not only aid you to address your customers in a proper way, but also to influence their brand perceptions in your favor. Because everyone considers umbrella to be an expensive gift!

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