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The Promotional impact of Umbrellas – Must Read

Most marketers do not consider umbrellas as a possible swag because of its high price. However, the reality is that the promotional benefit of umbrellas far outweighs the high sticker price. In addition, custom umbrellas have a high shelf life of over 14 months, which makes it an infallible branding tool. Just think of the impressions that umbrellas can make during its long shelf life!  


The next advantage is how practical umbrellas are. As such, people of all types will get plenty of use out of them. Everyone needs umbrellas. That’s why you’ll usually find brands handing them out at conferences or student fairs. Anyone who see these branded umbrellas will also be surely interested to know more about your brand.

The more people use promotional products, the more likely they are to remember your brand. Given the fact that it takes between five and seven impressions for a consumer to remember your business, promotional umbrellas are the best way to make it happen quickly.

Completely customizable

Custom umbrellas offer a massive canvas for you to display your most important branding information. Apart from your logo and contact information, you can add artwork or tagline to sum up your branding. The aim is to make it as engaging as possible. This will make it easy for anyone who sees it to always know who you are and how to find you.


Marketers often associate their merchandise with sustainable promotions considering the fact that consumers are more inclined towards businesses that adopt responsible promotions. Custom umbrellas can prove that your company cares about the planet and the customer. Umbrellas do not end up in land fills quickly and are reusable. So, if you wish to have an ecofriendly handout as your promotional tool, umbrellas could well be the best choice to let them know that your business is committed to making a difference.

Umbrellas make your brand Memorable

Promotional umbrellas make brands more memorable. This is because, whenever your recipients use it, your business makes an impression. In addition, people around them will also take note of your brand. Even though they might not need your brand at that very moment, they will surely remember your brand when they need it next! Promotional umbrellas leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience and will engage them with your brand.  It is a fact that conventional advertising might not do the same at one time investment.

Enhance Client Loyalty

Loyal clientele is the biggest asset for any organization. A loyal customer will keep coming back to your business, bringing in more revenue and profits. High visibility handouts like umbrellas will help to grab the attention of the clients and rise above the noise to earn repeat business.

Studies show that around 88% of consumers who receive promotional products are more likely to remember your brand. So, that is another reason for you to invest in custom umbrellas. It is one of the most effective forms of physical marketing out there. For one thing, highly practical and widely used, which means that these logo items will make plenty of positive impressions consistently in a short spell of time.

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