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A Step By Step Guide To Customize Promotional Umbrellas To Make It An Effective Marketing Tool

Umbrellas have always been popular custom gifts for marketers to get their message out and to enhance the brand visibility. These practical gift items are readily appreciated by every genre of customers. Here are a few tips on making custom umbrellas work for your business.

6 Ft Promotional Umbrella with High Stand Cooler and Speakers

Choose an appropriate model

Choose a model that will suit the needs of your target audience. There is an overwhelming range of umbrellas in all possible sizes and models. Spare a thought at the likely preferences of your target audience and choose a model that matches it. If you have a women audience then fashion umbrellas offered in a bevy of attractive colors and models will make a perfect choice. Be it transparent umbrellas, wooden grain handle fashion umbrellas or safety umbrellas, there are a lot of options to consider in this category. Your customers will surely love to use these logo umbrellas as a stylish accessory.

If your target audience comprises of the youth then beach umbrellas will make a great choice. From economy beach umbrellas to clamp on the chair models or Beach Umbrella with Sun Tent and Sports Shelter, the list is truly impressive. Your brand on beach umbrellas will get a lot of attention for sure.

To reach out to the sporting crowd there can’t be a better choice than golf umbrellas. Available in a range of popular colors and sizes, these logo items will hoist your brand in a prominent fashion. Designed to last long and look great, golf umbrellas will draw easy attention and make consistent brand impressions for you without any repeat effort or investment.

Make sure to choose an umbrella type that is bound to appeal to your audience and will complement your brand image for maximum impact. Another big plus of custom umbrellas is that it is versatile and gender neutral gift that can be used to promote all types of brands and businesses.

What to print

The message you imprint on umbrellas should scream out your message to anyone who sees it. The message you imprint should be highly engaging and interesting without being gaudy. Umbrellas have a large imprint area, which can be used to position your brand and message in a catchy manner. While the message should be big enough to be noticeable from a distance, there should be plenty of spaces on the umbrellas to make it look smart and even.

Colors to choose

Custom umbrellas are offered in a range of interesting colors, which gives you the added advantage of choosing a model in your corporate color. Use colors that are relevant to your brand so that your customers will relate better. Transparent umbrellas might not be the best option though they are beautiful because colored umbrellas get more attention.

Quality is important

By handing out a premium quality umbrella you can highlight the repute of your brand because customers often judge companies with the quality of gifts that they get. By ordering in bulk, you can get the best discounts so that you can order the best custom umbrellas and stay within your budget. Umbrellas that are durable enough to be used for a long time will put your message across effectively.

We have an exhaustive range of custom umbrellas in all possible models and price rates that can be customized to your needs. Call us for more tips.

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