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Promotional Umbrellas Offer Unique High Visibility Imprint Options – Must Read

Umbrellas make a must to have weather-ware item that nobody can resist. Everyone needs umbrellas to keep themselves safe from inclement weather elements at golf greens, market places, roads or beaches. The popularity of umbrellas has made it a high visibility promotional item for marketers. Studies show that functional handouts like umbrellas enjoy a high retention and warm welcome from every genre of customers irrespective of age or gender differences.

60 inch Arc Custom Imprinted Golf Umbrellas w/ 17 Colors

Custom umbrellas make versatile and highly popular custom gifts to promote all types of brands and businesses. Logo umbrellas make one of the top ten most effective marketing tools and there are tons of positive reasons that make umbrellas highly potent marketing tools.

Massive imprint space

The biggest attraction of custom umbrellas is its massive canopy that can be used to place your brand and message in an eye catching manner. Umbrellas offer an imprint space of anything between 40 to 100 square inches, which can carry even the most detailed designs and intricate logos with amazing clarity. A well hoisted umbrella will be seen from a far distance even in crowded events. Your message on custom umbrellas will never be overlooked as these massive and high visibility umbrellas remain hoisted high in the air above the crowd!


The trump card of umbrellas is its vibrant color choices that will set a solid background for your logo and messages. Offered in a palette of colors, you can choose a color that matches your corporate theme for added impact.

Imprint options

Not many promotional items offer such diverse imprint options like custom umbrellas. Here are a few imprint options that you might not have explored before.

Individual panel

Umbrellas feature multiple panels and if you want to leave a long lasting impression among your customers, you can imprint on one or more panels to create the required effect. It will work well for multi colored panel designs like Imprinted Golf Umbrellas w/ 17 Colors that are offered in 17 different color combinations. Logo Imprinted Umbrellas w/ 44 Colors is another brilliant choice as it offers unbelievable color choices that can highlight your brand and message in style.

Inner panel Imprint

You can make your umbrellas your best marketing tools without making it look like a billboard with this clever method of imprinting your business message on the inner panels. It will make a subtle and understated way to get your message across and to keep it right in front of the audience every time they look up. You can imprint your logo, message, tag line or artwork to engage your audience with a friendly dialogue with your brand.


Apart from the canopy you can also imprint your brand and message on the handle to make a subtle way of keeping your brand in front of the eyespan of your recipients without going overboard. The minimalist way of personalization will enhance its practical value as people will be keen to use it more often.

Imprint on Case

Umbrellas with carrying case make another popular model to consider. Apart from the canopy, the cases of these umbrellas can be used to imprint your brand and message. 37 Inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrellas with Case will never fail to wow your recipients thanks to its fashion quotient , brilliant color choices and the understated imprint options. Spring Breeze Folding Umbrellas with a matching pongee fabric carrying case will offer the double imprint space advantage for marketers. You can imprint your brand both on the canopy as well as the case to keep your message well seen and popular

Have you used these imprint options on custom umbrellas and how was the outcome? Feel free to share with us at the comments section below.

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