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Custom Umbrellas – What Makes Them High Value Promotional Items

Most businesses either choose unique custom gifts that appeal to a specific target or popular gifts that appease a diverse target. Interestingly, there are some custom gifts like umbrellas that fit the bills of both these equations because everyone likes these daily use items.

Umbrellas make 1300 impressions during its shelf life as per ASI data, which highlights its potential as a promotional item. These gender neutral custom gifts can be used to promote all types of businesses and brands as well. Reports show that 70% of people who receive a promo item will remember the brand information, which makes custom handouts an important promotional swag.

Custom umbrellas both make a sporting item as in the case of golf umbrella or a personal good (e.g. a rain umbrella ), which enhances its usability. Umbrellas are daily use items of high usability and your brand imprinted on them will get a lot of exposure. Umbrellas are not only useful as weather ware items but as fashion accessories and props. The generous imprint area of umbrellas will make it a perfect choice as billboards. The brilliant color choices and diverse sizes in umbrellas will give a free hand for marketers to choose custom umbrellas of their choice. Umbrellas have adequate advertising space in terms of scale; high usability and appeal, which enhances its overall value of custom umbrellas as promotional items.

Umbrellas make perfect outdoor marketing tools that will be seen by scores of people because umbrellas travel with your recipients and get used in various locations, which means your message on these will get a lot of portability and exposure. Umbrellas can be easily customized with your brand and message to create the right milieu. Choose umbrellas in your corporate color to make it easy for your recipients to relate to your brand. Custom umbrellas are offered in a range of price points, which makes it easy for you to find a model that matches your budget.

Golf umbrellas: When golf greens become an extension of business board rooms where most business deals are made, can there be a better gift item than custom golf umbrellas to get your message across? Golf umbrellas are long lasting items that enjoy a high retention. Every time your recipients use it in the golf greens or beach your brand will get a lot of attention. The massive canopies will make a perfect backdrop to position your brand and message. Custom golf umbrellas can be used to promote all types of brands and businesses right from banks to insurance companies, golf leagues or concerts. Cafes and restaurants can use these golf umbrellas to make additional seating arrangements in fair weather to cater to the alfresco diners.

60 Inch Arc Custom Logo Steel Golf Umbrella w/ 8 Colors

Mini umbrellas: Small and easy to carry, mini umbrellas are popular marketing tools. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect choice to get your message across.

40 Inch Arc Promotional Logo Mini Manual 2 Fold Umbrellas

Antiwind umbrellas: Designed to stand strong winds, these reinforced umbrellas will put your message and brand aloft even in choppy weather. Your customers will surely be impressed by the brand that handed out this highly practical gift.

42 Inch Arc Promotional Vented Windproof Umbrellas

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