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Are your Cafes Missing Out the Benefits of Custom Patio Umbrellas?

Coffee is always a good idea, anytime, anywhere. Everyone starts their day with a cup of coffee to boost their morning energy while some prefer it after a long day at work. For most people, cafes make great spots to socialize, make friends and relax apart from enjoying their cup of Joe.


Fair weather season like summer and spring is a great time for cafes to enhance their footfalls by offering alfresco dining options and enhancing the ambiance of their cafes. The best way to do this would be to pitch in a few custom patio umbrellas that are imprinted with their logo, artwork or mascot to  enhance the experience of the diners.

Patio Umbrellas With Crank w/ 4 Colors

Why patio umbrellas

If you are wondering why you would ever need patio umbrellas,  here are some points worth considering

Patio umbrellas are temporary and are easy to fix, dismantle and transport. So, you can also use it across various venues to give a fresh appeal to the cafes without repeat investment. During winter, it can be stored safely and brought back when fair weather returns. Thus you get the maximum value for your promotional dollars using patio umbrellas that are designed for long term use.

7 Ft Custom Printed Vented Bistro Patio Umbrellas

Apart from making a shaded area for your customers to enjoy their  brew, patio umbrellas will add a pop of fun colors and festive flair and ensure an excellent ambiance, which they will be pleased about. Just think of the incredible online publicity your brand may get, every time your customers share their coffee time snapshots on their instagram page!

Attention grabbing

To attract more customers, you need to have a place which is visually appealing and comfortable. If you have a coffee shop with a limited capacity , you can think of maximizing the free space outside with the help of these brilliantly colored patio umbrellas.

Full Color Market Umbrellas

Printed Patio umbrellas make the perfect accent outside your shop and create more space for people who want to enjoy their coffee outdoors. These logo umbrellas are practical investments, which can be put to use to enhance your brand visibility and popularity among the customers.

The best part is that anything imprinted on umbrellas will remain in plain sight of  people around without being intrusive to the recipients. Thus these logo items will rake in more brand impressions that you can’t even imagine and bring in hot leads in the days ahead.

Aluminum Market Umbrellas with Valance

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