Create Your Own Custom Umbrellas To Amaze Your Audience 

Nobody likes a plain, boring umbrella. The imprint you put on your custom umbrellas can make the difference between it staying shoved inside the closets or being worn proudly in the open!  You may need a stylish umbrella that your recipients will love to show off if you want your logo to be popular.

Custom umbrellas are available in a wide range of models, colors and sizes, which offer a lot of customization options as well. Choose an umbrella that fits your brand identity, come up with a creative message that stands out and pair it with colorful artwork. You have some great custom umbrellas that your recipients will fall in love with at first sight. The more they use these logo umbrellas the more will be your brand identity.

Choose the right umbrella model

Make sure that the custom gifts that you choose for branding is as stylish and unique as your brand. Spare a thought at the possible ways that your audience may use it and the places where these brollies are likely to be taken. For instance, if you have an outdoorsy audience to cater to, choose models like auto open umbrellas or vented models that are designed for easy use and seamless performance.

While there are tons of umbrellas to choose from—let’s focus on a few of the most trending models that will showcase your brand in style.

Golf umbrellas

Do you want customers to take these umbrellas to the greens, beach or on a day out in the town? Golf umbrellas will make a stylish choice for not just a single user but a small group of boisterous friends or family as well. Easily portable and attention grabbing, these full color imprinted umbrellas are ready to travel!

Telescopic Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 3 Colors

Safety umbrellas

Are you looking for a perfect handout for an active client group or your outdoorsy team of  bike couriers? Look no further than these Safety umbrellas  with reflective strips that will keep your recipients more visible at dark and safe while your branding will get a lot of visibility and appreciation too. Win- win. Choose from a range of models including those with antiwind features that are designed to withstand high winds.

Inverted umbrellas

Brands that want their logo umbrellas carried right into offices, bookstores and shopping malls  on a rainy day can consider these innovative models of inverted umbrellas. The classic inverted design of these umbrellas will trap the rainwater of the wet umbrellas within its fold. It will keep the wet side away from the user by folding it in an inverted fashion. Your recipients can show it off indoors even if their umbrellas are wet as it won’t leave water dripping all over.

 Imprinted Inversa Inverted Umbrellas

Now that you’ve got some trending umbrellas, it’s time to put a head turning message that will never be missed. Get started right away to ensure a memorable outdoor campaign!

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