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Custom Umbrellas – The Versatile Gifts That Are Hard To Resist

Umbrellas are no longer weather wear items alone; they often double up as high profile promotional items, photo props, decorative items and more. While some of these custom printed umbrellas are ideal for big parties and other celebrations, they are most commonly used for corporate branding during tradeshows and outdoor events. No matter whether it is a new product launch or a new store opening, these brightly colored umbrellas will draw the attention of passersby to your logo easily.

Everyone needs umbrellas in their daily lives to stay safe from the UV risks and even to accentuate their personal style. Offered in a range of models, sizes and price points, it is never too hard for you to find a model that matches your needs. Be it the pint sized mini umbrellas, the quirky rebel umbrellas that fold inside out or the massive golf umbrellas or eye catching patio umbrellas or more, we have anything you could ask for.

There are several interesting ways to deploy custom umbrellas in your business promotions. Hand it out to potential customers as store promotional items or simply put it over your gazebo or stall to grab the attention of everyone around. You can save a pretty penny by ordering in bulk. This makes them ideal for mass marketing campaigns, product launches or awareness events.

Golf promotions

If you’d prefer something a little more eye catching, then you may find these Hurricane Golf Umbrellas a great choice. The biggest highlight of these custom umbrellas is the matching accent color on shaft, ribs, piping, ferrule and handle, which will literally sweep your audience off their feet in no time. These good looking umbrellas are not just for the golf greens but for normal users as well. Customize these with your brand and message to put it on a wide display.

62 Inch Arc Promotional Hurricane Golf Umbrellas

Full Color Golf Umbrellas that can be imprinted with image over the entire canopy will make a great promotional item to leave a lasting impression. The fully sublimated style and the 62 Inch arc will make the unique features of these umbrellas.

Awareness campaigns

Make your message well seen and spotted by getting it imprinted on these wide canopy umbrellas. The best event gifts will enable your brand to make an emotional connection with your audience. Event gifts like umbrellas that are useful provide a unique experience and have a high perceived value. Highlight your social commitment and your brand image all at once on custom umbrellas. Choose popular models like mini umbrellas or fashion umbrellas that will enjoy a high retention. The social responsibility of your brand will surely be appreciated by your attendees, which in turn will go a long way in growing your goodwill and brand popularity.

Be it parties, business promotions or promotional campaigns, custom umbrellas will make a great way to add a playful pop of colors and fun. You can easily leave a statement with printed umbrellas. Tell us how you plan to employ promotional umbrellas in your brand building. Comments are open.

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