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Enhance Sales With Spectacular Umbrellas

 Businesses can use high visibility promotional giveaways like umbrellas to grab the attention of people around and enhance the brand visibility.

Custom umbrellas are perfect for increasing the awareness of current promotions and make the most of sales. The high customization and  incredible durability of umbrellas make them perfect for advertising promotions all-round the year especially during holiday events and special promotions.

The Benefits

Umbrellas ensure high levels of customization. Available in various sizes, material choices and colors these high visibility marketing tools are hard to ignore. Make use of the impressive canopy space to highlight your message and customize to your specific requirements. Highlight your call to action message or unique selling point, include your mascot or a fun tagline- options are all yours when you have impressive handouts like umbrellas.

Umbrellas to announce seasonal offers

Holiday season is indeed a great time to draw in new customers by luring them with special offers and promotions. Make your brand part of their festive celebrations to make your brand the life of the celebrations. Customize umbrellas to promote your seasonal and short term offers.

Custom menus are another great way to increase the branding of your restaurant. Patio umbrellas imprinted with your signature dishes will literally get your menu right on your customers table. It will definitely enhance the perception of your restaurant to your customers. Further, these tabletop displays are bound to be seen by all of those dining in your establishment and will ensure better visibility than promotional posters.

A holiday promotion is surely the best way to impress your customers and draw new leads to your brand. Make use of the branding potential of umbrellas to take your promotions to a new high- that too without being overwhelming.


Not all promotional items need to necessarily match the theme of your events. However, custom umbrellas make handouts that will fit most promotional plans. Interestingly, umbrellas don’t just have to just display the products you sell but will also highlight your brand, and enhance your exposure.

 Fun to customize

Umbrellas offer ample creative scope for marketers to place their message and artwork. Make the best use of the imprint space to highlight your message to make heads turn during events. Umbrellas indeed will make a practical investment for your company thanks to its utility.

Need more tips on customizing umbrellas? Watch this space for our daily blog posts or reach out to our team to stay on top of the trends.

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