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How To Use Market Umbrellas In Promotions

Market umbrellas are great for all types of outdoor events like beach parties, holiday promotions, special sale announcement and a lot more. In fact, these colorful umbrellas will fit any of your promotional plans with ease.

Available in a wide range of colors and designs, custom market umbrellas will ensure a unique feel. Make the best use of the large canopy space to announce a business event, drive a special sale, or product launch. No matter how you wish to go about it, these custom umbrellas are a great way to let more people know about the happenings in your company.

High quality and useful, umbrellas are an effective way to develop brand awareness outdoors beyond the retail environment. It will definitely give a winning edge over the competitors. If you’re going to use promotional umbrellas for your campaign, you  get everyday exposure and a bigger fan base.

Easy to transport to multiple venues

Market umbrellas are easy to store and carry across event venues.  Durable and long lasting, custom patio umbrellas will enjoy a great shelf life. So, your brand will make consistent impressions at one time investment. These reusable umbrellas will go a long way in enhancing your brand visibility for sure. 

You can even partner up with a local restaurant or cafe to pitch in or even sponsor the umbrellas printed with your information. These high visibility market umbrellas will get a lot of eyeballs in high traffic areas to make a happening billboard for your business. In addition, it is a smart way to capture the attention of those whom you might not reach otherwise. Best of all, these logo umbrellas are well suited to promote all types of businesses and industries.

Make a statement at outdoor festivals.

Concerts and street fairs are the biggest crowd pullers during fair weather season. Branded items like market umbrellas will surely make a high profile marketing tool during such events where you expect a large crowd. It is the best way to engage the crowd and make your brand part of their outdoor experience.

Make your trade show the center of attraction

Market umbrellas printed with your logo will make an engaging way to draw customer in to your trade show booth. Moreover, these full color umbrellas will  make your brand stand out from the rest and will ensure a unique way to draw the attention of the attendees.

At outdoor street fairs

Umbrellas will go well the casual theme of outdoor street fairs like art festival or farmer’s market. It will even help you to set up a mini-booth to hand out brochures and swag for those who join your mailing list. It is a smart way to grab easy eyeballs as well because these full color umbrellas are indeed hard to resist.

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