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Market Umbrellas- Get Bigger Visibility at Small Prices

Market umbrellas are indeed the best way to capture and retain the attention of a captive audience. The best part is that custom umbrellas will even catch the attention of people you might not reach otherwise. By offering a free shade to their valued customers, you can encourage them to take a closer look at your brand  in a relaxed setting. Reports show that people remain more receptive when they are cozy and comfortable.

Leave your impression at outdoor festivals.

Outdoor festivals or street fairs are the best occasions to parade these massive market umbrellas to get spotted. Choose from a wide range of colors and models to complement your branding theme. Custom umbrellas will make a powerful marketing tool and a nice spot to distribute business cards and brochures.

Make your trade show booth a crowd puller

Trade shows make excellent networking events where businesses vie to grab the attention of people. A market umbrella printed with your business information and logo will double up as a customer magnet . In addition, it will make your booth stand out  from others at your next trade show!

During outdoor street fairs

 Colorful umbrellas printed with your brand and message will promote your business at outdoor street fairs, art festivals or farmer’s market. While it helps the marketers to set up an impromptu area to hand out brochures and cards, it will remain as a high visibility display boards during the fairs.

Leave a mark during game days

Sporting events and golf holidays are in particular great occasions for you to put your  brand on display while engaging the audience with your message. The best part is that these impressive umbrellas will get a lot of attention not just from the primary audience but people around as well.

Corporate events

Highlight your professional brand image and  introduce your business in a fun way with these custom market umbrellas. Anything printed on these umbrellas will get instant attention from the crowd. Think of artwork , message  and logo that will add a dramatic charm to the umbrellas.

Explore the creative possibilities

 A market umbrella can indeed be a creative and innovative way to advertise your business.  It will allow you to promote your business in unexpected places, with greater brand recognition. Available in a wide range of interesting models and colors, custom market umbrellas will bring out the best creative scope from marketers.

Have  a better idea to use custom market umbrellas in your events? Share your ideas with us I to join an interesting conversation.

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