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Personalized Umbrellas for Your Events- A Quick guide

Custom umbrellas will go a long way in promoting any type of events!  Whether it is an outdoor awareness campaign, trade show or fun contests, custom umbrellas will add a pop of fun color to the venue and make people stop at their tracks. Offered in a wide range of vibrant colors, interesting shapes and popular sizes, umbrellas will enhance the celebration and the event seamlessly.

 Personalized ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas

Another big plus of umbrellas is that the message imprinted on it will never get overlooked as these remain in front of the audience for a long time . Add to it the big plus that custom umbrellas will travel with your audience wherever they go, including overseas destinations, which in turn will take your message to a wider audience than you imagine.

Whenever you need a banner to announce an event or a message, imprinted umbrellas will be a key choice. Be it your company’s trade show, a convention or any other big event, umbrellas are vital for promoting these occasions.

Wedge Jr. Auto Open Compact Umbrellas

Product launch

Planning a product launch sometime soon? Custom umbrellas will make a great way to get the news out. Available in a range of price rates, umbrellas have a massive imprint space to highlight your logo and message effectively. Be sure to choose the appropriate models for the best impact. Reusable and long lasting, umbrellas offer the best value for your money and assured ROI. Umbrellas enjoy 14 months of retention or more among the audience, which makes it one of the most retained handouts among promo gifts.

Personalized Auto Open Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Awareness events

In the post pandemic new normal world, the relevance of charity events and awareness runs have increased like never before.  Even from a business perspective, these events are great for companies to earn positive exposure while also supporting a social cause . It is a win-win situation. As most of these events are typically held outdoors in spacious venues, models like patio umbrellas or market umbrellas would be a  perfect choice . These sprawling umbrellas will catch the attention of your potential patrons and participants quite easily.

Our vast inventory includes umbrellas of various canopy materials like nylon, pongee etc that are durable and can withstand rough situations. We offer high-quality printing and bargain prices, you can get budget friendly umbrellas without sacrificing quality. The crisp and precise imprints will stand out against the vividly colored umbrellas and your message will remain in  high-definition on imprinted umbrellas  to get the attention of even the huge mobile crowd. Get your custom umbrellas right away!

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