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Shop For Custom Patriotic Themed Umbrellas For Veterans Day Promotions

November 11th is Veteran’s Day, a solemn occasion to remember and pay tribute to the many precious lives lost in WWII. For business marketers it makes a great time to be part of this special event by coming up with themed promotional gifts to honor the sacrifice made by the freedom fighters and to spread awareness among the youth. Patriotic themed gifts or red, blue and white colored logo items will all be perfect choices to consider as it will make a guaranteed gift that your recipients will use.


The USA flag umbrellas with its attractive red, white and blue patriotic design will make it hugely popular among marketers. The wide canopy will offer ample space to imprint your message and logo while the patriotic colors will complement the Veterans Day theme. These custom logo umbrellas make great options as fund raising items, tradeshow swag and as awareness items.

Here are some of the star and stripe umbrella models that can be considered for your Veterans Day promotions.

Red, White & Blue 42 inchArc Printed Umbrellas: These 42” printed umbrellas will get spotted easily. Available in striking patriotic designs and colors, these logo items will not make an excellent handout for outdoor promotions but also during patriotic events like Veterans Day. Imprint your logo and message on these to make your business promotions a moment to celebrate the national pride. Apart from being a functional daily use item, these umbrellas will make thoughtful souvenirs as well.

Custom Red, White & Blue 42 inchArc Printed Umbrellas

Customized Red, White & Royal 64 inchArc Mulligan Golf Umbrellas: Ensure your promotional message the much desired portability with these personalized red, white & royal 64” arc Mulligan golf umbrella, which will easily take your national pride and message on to the greens. The US flag profile of these attractive umbrellas will make it a unique choice for patriotic events like Veterans Day. Custom red, white & royal 64” arc Mulligan golf umbrellas can be used as employee gifts, promotional gifts and fund raising items as the recipients would surely love these long lasting umbrellas that are designed to withstand rough weather conditions easily. Features – duraflex wind proof construction, wooden grain handles, large red, white, and blue 64” arc canopy, strong fiberglass ribs and shaft.

Customized Red, White & Royal 64 inchArc Mulligan Golf Umbrellas

Personalized Red, White & Blue 62 inch Arc Vented Golf Course Umbrellas: Golf greens make the best platforms to reach out to a massive audience and to get your message out in a fun and non intrusive manner. Imprint these attractive star and striped umbrellas with message, logo and Veterans Day wishes to enhance its popularity. These will make great gift ideas for armed forces welfare organizations, nonprofit organizations and community events among others. These vented golf course umbrellas that closely resemble the theme colors of US national flag are a rage among marketers in various segments including sports, lifestyle, cosmetics, fashion and beauty marketers among others. These impressive umbrellas that not just carry your business messages but also your national pride will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients. Features –manual open function, red, white & blue nylon vented canopy with matching color case and matching shoulder strap. Imprint area – 6″ H x 8″ W.Personalized Red, White & Blue 62 inchArc Vented Golf Course Umbrellas

Umbrellas are something everyone needs to stay safe from weather elements. By handing out these logo umbrellas you are rest assured of a wide angle display for your brand and social commitment alike. Research studies show that marketers who practice a socially responsible marketing campaign enjoy a greater support and patronage from the audience. Shop today; highlight not just your brand message but your social commitment as well!

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