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The Best Ways to  Use Promotional Umbrellas to Market your Business

Imprinted umbrellas make advertising gifts that can give your business the much desired  promotional boost during these challenging times. When ordinary gifts simply fail to pull off an effective campaign, you need high visibility and impressive giveaways like custom umbrellas.

Auto Open Stick With Wood Handle Umbrellas

One of the main benefits of umbrellas is its high perceived value, which will evoke a sense of reciprocity in the minds of your prospects. Umbrellas often get shared in the social circles and friends groups, which in turn will take your message into a wider audience beyond the target audience

Just think about it;  every time someone walks around  these vibrantly colored umbrellas imprinted with your name and message, it will create countless impressions for your brands, ample curious glances and tons of leads in the process. Umbrellas travel far and wide and have a long lifespan, which makes it  handouts with assured ROI.

Ombre Auto Open Compact Umbrellas

More value for your money

Umbrellas may not be cheap as chips but are cost-efficient when bought in bulk and are available in various price rates. You don’t have to go over budget with these items, plus, umbrellas give you a lot of return on investment, considering the fact that these serve as rolling billboards for your business for a long time.

Auto Open Compact Umbrellas


Everyone needs umbrellas, so you can be sure that you won’t run out of a target audience to send these logo items to. Umbrellas are being used not just as weather protection items but also as stylish accessories for the outdoors, photo props and even as personality highlights and life style accents.

Countless models

Umbrellas are available in various interesting and inspiring models that are hard to miss. From small models like mini umbrellas to medium sized auto open umbrellas to the bigger models like golf umbrellas and so much more, you have models to choose every need and budget of yours. Choose from a wide range of colors,  prints and sizes to fin and appropriate model that best reflect your marketing needs.

 Splash of Color Golf Umbrellas

Effective customization

The massive imprint space on its sprawling arc is the highlight of custom umbrellas. Get your logo, message, fun quotes , artwork or something more to draw easy attention of the audience and  get them engaged with your brand.

High visibility

Branded umbrellas always remain in front of  people around and stand out even in a crowd.  Thus anything imprinted on these massive giveaways will never be overlooked.  Plus when bad weather and rain, pulls down the impact of conventional advertisements to a low pitch , umbrellas score a few brownie points by being an effective billboard of your brand in all weather conditions.

Vented Ultimate Patio Umbrellas

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