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Umbrellas Are Proven Marketing Giveaways

There’s nothing more reassuring than having an umbrella on hand when weather turns bad.

Umbrellas not just make you feel safe and relaxed, but will also help you get along with your daily business confidently. So, if you have been thinking of a perfect marketing tool that will enhance the outdoor experience of your customers, look no further than custom umbrellas.

What is the winning edge of custom umbrellas over others?


Umbrellas are available in a wide range of interesting designs today. Perfect for minimalist themes, these will turn every outdoor event special. Highly practical handouts that are hard to resist, custom umbrellas are available in various innovative models as well. Check out these inverted umbrellas, hands free umbrellas and combo models like umbrellas with coolers among others. Each model comes in simple yet sleek design that makes it a hot favorite.


Umbrellas last long and are easy to carry and store. Moreover, compact models like telescopic umbrellas won’t take a lot of space to fit them in your drawers. Consequently, they are also perfect for taking anywhere. Designed to withstand every day wear and tear, custom umbrellas thus ensure more value for your promotional dollars.


 In addition, you can take advantage of the versatility of umbrellas in your promotions. You can use it as a promotional display, gift with purchase, or even an awareness giveaway. Let your creative minds can unravel the endless opportunities that these custom products offer.

Marketing Advantages

Boost Up Brand Awareness

You can customize umbrellas with your logo or name to promote any business niche like restaurants, cafés, and even salons. Umbrellas are also ideal for weddings, trade shows, and team building events.

Effective Customer Retention

Printed umbrellas engage and entice customers quickly. You can even convert onlookers into consumers when you hand out these highly functional giveaways. People will love how your brand can provide them a great service and it will in turn boost customer retention.

Improves Brand Visibility

Umbrellas enjoy a high visibility thanks to the impressive canopy size. Your target audience may see umbrellas everywhere. It improves brand visibility and lets your target audience recognize your brand from countless other brands around . It will create a strong brand distinction.

Builds Up Brand Creativity

Marketers are assured of the ultimate creative scope when they have handouts like umbrellas. Make use of the generous imprint space to highlight your logo, message and artwork to make it stand out.Umbrellas will surely be a great addition to pubs and trade shows where marketers need to really level up their branding.

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