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Umbrellas Make Highly Rated Marketing Products – Know How

Custom umbrellas might not ring a bell as promotional items for most people. However, many businesses are using umbrellas as promotional items because these are low cost, easy to brand and a practical item that continues to be used throughout the rain and sun.

48 Inch Arc Promotional Logo Rebel Umbrellas

Here are a few benefits of promotional umbrellas that you may not have thought about

Massive imprint area

The trump card of custom umbrellas is its massive imprint area. The wide canopy has ample space to place your brand, message and company name. From single panel imprint to logo designs that stretch all over the umbrella to muted design on the inner panels – umbrellas indeed offer a lot of imprint options to match your needs. Subtle imprints on the handle or umbrellas case will make a clever way to sneak in your brand to a wider audience without being too loud or make the recipients look like bill boards!

Countless choices

Umbrellas have evolved a lot since its inception. From being religious and royal insignia to ornate wedding umbrellas, massive golf umbrellas or pint sized mini umbrellas, umbrellas are available in a range of options. Innovative models like rebel umbrellas that fold inverted thereby trapping the rainwater inside without spilling it inside the cars and rooms to antiwind umbrellas that are designed to stand up against the gusts and more, there is something special for everyone.

Great ROI

Umbrellas make consistent brand impressions for a very long time without any repeat effort or investment. The high utility value of umbrellas makes it regularly seen especially in regions that get a lot of rain. The more the usage, more will be the brand exposure. Anything imprinted on umbrellas will be hoisted above the crowd, which will ensure it a very high visibility. A trendy umbrella will make a great talking topic as well because anyone would love to get an umbrella for their collection. On an average a household need 5-6 umbrellas at a time. Be it for the home, car, office or during commuting, umbrellas get a lot of attention at easy rates. Custom gifts that ensure a high ROI will make effective promotional items. The promotional message on umbrellas will be seen by hundreds of people in a busy town center and will leave a long lasting impression.


Unlike many other promotional items, umbrellas do not get expended or damaged easily. Made to last long and perform great, umbrellas make decent brand impressions during their shelf life. A high quality umbrella that is designed to stand up against the high winds will impress your audience and drive up the goodwill. Having a reliable umbrella in easy access will keep everyone happy and reassured and your brand on it will give them a feeling of comfort and security. Show how much you care for your audience by handing out these premium quality umbrellas that are designed to tug hearts.

Have you used custom umbrellas as promotional items? Share your thoughts at the comments section below to join the conversation.

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