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Winter Wedding Umbrellas – Add A Quixotic Element To Your Special Day!

Who doesn’t like to have a dramatic wedding spectacle of white horses, pretty maidens and a wonderland theme? Couples leave nothing to chance when it comes to planning a dream wedding and there are countless ways to enhance the wedding day that are exotic and elegant but not expensive. By adding simple elements like wedding umbrellas, you can turn the celebrations a notch higher and still stay within your budget.

Winter Wedding Umbrellas – Add A Quixotic Element To Your Special Day!

The ornate wedding umbrellas with frills and intricate laces can evoke a fairytale wedding feel. Beautiful and practical, wedding umbrellas can add a whimsical charm to your wedding day. Decorative and functional alike, these can be used as part of the bridal accessory and paraphernalia. Bring in a romantic element to your wedding day with these pretty umbrellas that will look fabulous photo props and accessories even when there is no snow or rain.

Weave in a magical effect to the wedding day with these pretty umbrellas that will complement all types of weddings including Victorian-themed wedding or Oriental themed events. It will make a perfect accessory for not just the bride and groom but also a great gift for the wedding guests. Personalize these with the couple’s initials, snapshots and artworks to make a beautiful gift of your special event. Choose from an awe inspiring range of models like lace, ruffled, double layered and countless other models that exude pure subtlety and elegance.

Winter weddings offer a perfect occasion for considering umbrellas as gifts. Apart from shielding the guests from the weather elements, it will enhance the fashion and color theme of the event and add an enigmatic charm to the whole setting.

Here are some of the models that can be considered

Clear bubble umbrellas: Complement the snow white settings of your wedding day with these clear bubble umbrellas that will let the users see the falling snowflakes while they have a shield over their heads. These umbrellas will enhance the romantic theme of the wedding day and will make those wedding snapshots really out of the world!

47 Inch Arc Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Red Floral Ruffles Umbrella: Infuse a royal theme into your wedding day with these delightful floral ruffles umbrellas with gold frame. It makes a fabulous fashion accessory and shelter for the bridesmaids who share center stage with the bride. The floral ruffles and deluxe tassel embellishment coupled with the opera style ebony wood handle will round off the classic style of this umbrella on a perfect note.

46 inch Bridal Shower Wedding Red Floral Ruffles Umbrella Parasol With Gold Frame

43 inch White  Wedding Umbrella: This elegant nylon umbrella with windproof frame will make a perfect wedding gift for your guests. Personalize with your initials or message to make the gift truly special. This wedding umbrella can be handed out during any themed or regular wedding or even during bridal shower party, hen’s night or bachelor’s party, etc.

Personalized 43 inch Wedding Umbrella

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