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Welcome The Change Of Seasons With The Latest Trends In Custom Umbrellas

As the climate changes from cold to hot, most people are getting ready for those  camping trips, road trips and beach holidays that they have been putting off for long. For marketers too, summer season will make a perfect time to put their branding efforts in top gear before the winter slow-down sets in. If you are looking for an effective promotional item that will never fail to bring results, put your dime on promotional umbrella, one of the top 5 items among promotional items.

40 Inch Arc Personalized Kids Safety Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Why umbrellas

Umbrellas have a very high perceived value as these will be used and seen for years. Umbrellas continue to make repeated brand impressions at one time investment and have a high ROI. The generous imprint area of umbrellas will make a premium billboard for you to place your brand and message. The best part about umbrellas is that it is something that everyone needs in their daily lives. Offered in a range of models and fabric choices, there is something special for everyone. Umbrellas enjoy a high retention and your recipients will not discard it as long as it remains functional. Imagine the exposure your brand will get every time your customers use it as weather wear items, props or a stylish accessory. Trendy umbrellas will make great talking topics as well, which drives word of mouth publicity for your brand.

The best occasions to use

Though any time is the right time to use umbrellas as promotional items, we are listing out a few exceptional contexts where promo umbrellas score big.

  • Tradeshows

When you have a diverse audience to cater to and are not sure about their tastes, umbrellas will make a great choice because everyone will find an umbrella useful irrespective of their age or gender factors. Often finding custom gifts that will please millennial audience is a challenge for most marketers. However, fashionable models of umbrellas will win the hearts of even the most discerning and fashion savvy audience.

  • Awareness campaigns

If you have an awareness-campaign coming up umbrellas will make a perfect gift choice. The big canopy will make your message well seen from a very long distance and will grab the attention of anyone who sees it.

  • Back to school promotions

School students will find umbrellas a highly useful custom gift in their back-to-school kits. Schools and educational institutions can get their brand promoted by customizing umbrellas. Kids will surely be pleased to flaunt these stylish kids’ umbrellas in their friends’ circles which means that your message will reach an audience that is much wider than your targeted group.

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