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Custom Umbrellas Bring Together Fashion And Functionality In Equal Measures

Gone are the days when umbrellas were purely functional. These days they make stylish accessories, props and adornments that make heads turn and get tongues wagging literally! The growing awareness of UV risks and summer health care has all catapulted umbrellas as a must have item in the promotional swag of marketers. Offered in various sizes and styles, umbrellas are gender neutral and versatile gifts that can be employed as business gifts and party favors alike.

The massive canopy of umbrellas will make a high visibility billboard for your brand. Anything imprinted on these will never get overlooked; add to it the big plus that umbrellas make repeat impressions at one time investment. A trendy umbrella often makes a great conversation starter during beach holidays, outdoor events or golf weekend.

Now that the summer is on and a lot of exciting outdoor events and game days are on the cards, can there be a better handout than custom umbrellas to get your message out afterall? We have made a quick list of some of the trending umbrellas for you to get started right away.

43 inch Arc Custom Promotional Umbrellas: A no- nonsense umbrella that will never fail to impress your customers, these basic brollies are offered in five different colors, which will enable you to choose an item that matches your theme. Customize these with your message, artwork or tagline and see how these impressive umbrellas will ensure life-time benefits at one time investment.

43 inch Arc Custom Promotional Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors

48 inch Bubble Promotional Umbrellas: Be it on the beach, the outdoor wedding venue or shopping streets, these bubble promotional umbrellas that will let the user see the world around  even when shielded from weather elements will make a great choice to consider. These manual open umbrellas with steel windproof frame enjoy a long retention, which in turn will enhance your brand exposure as well.

48 inch Bubble Promotional Umbrellas w/ 6 Colors

62” Windproof Custom Printed Umbrellas: This humongous umbrella can remain upright during high winds and harsh downpour thanks to its canopy windproof frame, fiberglass shaft and frame. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a great handout to promote golf leagues and matches.

62'' Windproof Custom Printed Umbrellas w/ 7 Colors

46 inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrellas: Offered in 6 different color combinations, these umbrellas will never fail to grab the attention of your customers. Personalize these with your brand and message to make your message seen even from a distance.

46 inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors

LED Lighted Custom Logo Umbrella: Check out these umbrellas that will not just protect the user from the vagaries of nature but will also lead their way at night with these LED umbrellas that can be employed as corporate gifts, store promotional items or fund raising items. Customize these with your brand and message to make it one of its kind!

46 inch LED Lighted Custom Logo Umbrella w/ Black Color

We have a lot more interesting models. Shop at your convenience to exploit the promotional potential of umbrellas.

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