Why Custom Umbrellas Matter A Lot in Your Business Promotions

Umbrellas are often taken for granted for most people as we don’t always remember to carry it  till we are caught unawares by a sudden shower.  Rain can play spoil sport during a game day or a day out and hence it is better to be well prepared for a bad weather day especially when you plan an outing based only on a vague weather forecast!

 How to incorporate custom umbrellas in your business plan?

Color Top Folding Umbrellas

 In your stores

 Keep some compact mini umbrellas imprinted with your logo for the sake of customers who may not have an umbrella on hand. By handing out an umbrella and helping the customer you are making a warm memory and a long lasting impression that will give the shopper a reason to come back.

The best part is that these logo umbrellas will carry a piece of your brand information to their homes, which in turn will be shared among the family audience. Just think of the tremendous visibility your brand will get every time they carry these stylish umbrellas on to the beach, picnic spots or camping sites.

Personalized Mini Pencil Umbrellas

At Trade shows

Bad weather can strike anytime, anywhere and can ruin the day. For your upcoming trade show, choose practical giveaways like umbrellas that will make them prepared for bad weather blues.

If you are setting up a booth, offer a sign-up deal or free umbrella gifts with purchase above a certain value. It will create a lot of interest among people and inspire other attendees to take a look at this fabulous offer.

Studies show that 83 % of respondents say they would keep a promotional umbrella because it’s useful.  Umbrellas have one of the longest retention rates of over 14 months and more. During its impressive shelf life, custom umbrellas make consistent impressions for a long time.Auto-Open Folding Umbrellas

During festivals and fairs

Outdoor events like fairs, parades and festivals often bring the community together. By handing out a trendy umbrella customized with your logo and message will turn heads and make your brand the talk of the event. Who wouldn’t like such an instant publicity   afterall?

The best part is that umbrellas make  great giveaways for every genre of a businesses. Versatile and practical, umbrellas can be used to promote anything under the sun literally – right from fun to food and fashion among others. Umbrellas will never look out of place during any event and will stand out in style, piquing quick interest among the audience.

Printed Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors

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