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A Handy Guide To Promotional Golf Umbrellas

An umbrella not just protects people from the elements but even doubles up as a fashion statement that will enhance the outdoor dressing style.  It holds true especially if you are choosing popular models like golf umbrellas. Available in various sizes,  in a palette of colors, golf umbrellas are hard to resist.

Make sure to consider the quality, style, fabric and color before choosing the umbrella to make sure that your target audience finds it attractive.

Why golf umbrellas

Wondering why everyone loves golf umbrella so much? Apart from being durable, these are visually appealing and one of the best umbrellas you can buy.

Still on fence? Here are some top reasons why branded golf umbrellas are super popular among the masses.

Size is the key

When choosing golf umbrellas, size matters. Ideally choose models that are 140 140cm in width to offer the advantage of a large canopy without being bulky.  The slightly larger canopy will shield 2-3 people from unexpected rain. Your recipients will indeed feel heroic as they extend help to other people stranded in the rain without a brolly.  By handing our custom golf umbrellas you can literally make your recipients your brand heroes.

Fashion meets function

Apart from a strong design  that is wind resistant and lightning resistant, golf umbrellas should ideally  have the automatic open feature to make it easy for the recipients . Choose models with antwind double canopy design that will  keep it stable in the winds. A soft handle will make it easy to grip it firmly. Likewise, choose golf umbrellas with bright colored canopy as it will  help the players to stand out  even in  dim light conditions on a foggy day.

Good Quality Fabric

Choose golf umbrellas that feature durable, weather-resistant fabric so that it will ensure a hassle free performance on the greens, in the fashion high streets or the patio.

Colors galore

Golf umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors. You can even choose corporate colors to complement your branding theme. Apart from keeping the users safe from the elements , golf umbrellas double up as fashion accessories, photo props and more for most people. You can create a style statement with these vivid, colorful umbrellas. Explore our fantastic range of promotional golf umbrellas to choose a model that will fit your promotional plan.

Fully customizable

Golf umbrellas are also designed to stand out from the crowd through effective identifiable branding. Available in various sizes and even shapes , these custom umbrellas convey your message consistently to serve your promotional purpose. Highly useful and trendy, golf umbrellas will align with your branding theme while offering something useful for the recipients.

Golf umbrellas bring in an incredible style factor  to functionality, making them a perfect fit for various applications. Of course, if you’re looking for good quality umbrellas, settle for nothing but golf umbrellas.  Explore our complete line of golf umbrellas to choose an appropriate model that will make your brand popular among the audience and  the outdoorsy crowd alike.

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