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Enjoy A Panoramic Brand Display Over Custom Golf Umbrellas

Every golfer needs a reliable golf umbrella that will keep them safe from weather elements when they are playing golf. However, there is much more to these massive parasols than just that. Marketers find golf umbrellas a great handout to create brand awareness and get their message out in style.  The best part is that umbrellas make versatile handouts that can be used to promote all types of brands and businesses. Be it restaurants, banks, adventure activities and more, businesses can get their message printed over it to get their brand stand out in the crowd.

60 Inch Arc Custom Logo Steel Golf Umbrella w/ 8 Colors

If you haven’t used custom golf umbrellas in your promotions, you are missing out the marketing potential of one of the most effective and easy to use logo items.  Here are some of the advantages that will underscore the promotional popularity of umbrellas

  1. Massive imprint space

The massive canopy is the trump card of golf umbrellas, which makes it easy for marketers to promote any event, brand or sale over these. Offered in a range of solid colors and models, golf umbrellas will help you stand out in the crowd easily. Nobody who walks past these umbrellas can overlook the message and artwork imprinted on these logo items thanks to its massive size!

  1. Durability

Golf umbrellas are made to last long and look good. Designed to withstand both sun and rain, golf umbrellas will make long lasting billboards for your brand and message. Portable and easy to carry around, marketers can easily employ golf umbrellas to promote all types of fair weather events like outdoor tradeshows, golf grounds, game days or restaurants among others.

  1. Excellent corporate gifts

Interestingly golf umbrellas not just make pedigree promotional items but great corporate handouts as well. Be it as employee appreciation events or corporate holiday gifts, golf umbrellas will put your brand on a wide display and double up as loyalty gifts that your recipients will truly cherish. Every time they use it during backyard picnics or beach holidays, your message will reach a wider secondary audience including the social and friends’ circles of your employees, thereby stirring off word of mouth publicity.

  1. First impression is the best!

First impressions are always the best- no matter whether in personal relationships or business relations. If your business uses its own imprinted umbrellas, it will easily grab the attention of the world outside and leave a lasting impression.  Be it at tradeshows, golf events or business events, you business exposure will go a long way on these massive umbrellas.

Are you planning to use golf umbrellas as your marketing swag anytime soon? Do share your preferred models and ways to use them in your promotional mix in our facebook page to join a conversation with us.

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