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Features To Consider In Custom Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas make formidable branding tools all round the year that has made it possible for golfers to indulge in their favorite sport anytime and not just during fair weather. If you are looking for a custom gift with a higher perceived value and high retention, imprinted golf umbrellas will make a great choice. The massive canopy of the umbrellas will literally put your brand on a wide display while the vibrant color choices make heads turn easily.

Personalized 62 inch Full-size Most Popular Golf Umbrella

Here are some handy features to look for in custom golf umbrellas to enhance its mass appeal.

  1. Size

The right size of golf umbrellas will ultimately depends on what you want the umbrella to cover. The smaller models of 30 inch canopy can hold only a single person while the bigger models will cover the player and the golf kit. Golf umbrellas that are larger than 60 inches can usually accommodate 2 individuals.

  1. Wind proof

Golf greens experience high winds due to the vast open spaces and it is not rare for the umbrellas to get blown inside out. Make the game as exciting as possible for your customers by offering vented models or double canopy umbrellas that are designed to resist high speed winds. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention even when the Weather Gods play spoil sport. Persistent brand exposure is the key to brand building and when you have wind resistant umbrellas as your marketing swag, you have a cutting edge advantage over the rest of the players in the field.

  1. Weight

Considering the fact that golf umbrellas need to be carried along by your recipients, it is better to opt for a light weight yet sturdy fiberglass frame that will make it easy to carry around the umbrellas. Flexible and lightening resistant fiber glass frames will enhance the utility of golf umbrellas manifold.

  1. Handle

Golf umbrellas may be required to be held for long periods at times. So, make sure that the handgrip of the umbrellas is comfortable and wide enough to ensure a snug grip. Rubber coated handles will make a great choice.

  1. Open and closing mechanism

An auto-open feature is another desirable trait for any golf umbrella as it will enable the players to open the umbrellas in the event of an unexpected shower without those accidental, painful pinches.

  1. Bright Colors are desirable

A bright colored golf umbrella will make you visible on a golf course even in low light conditions and prevent the possibilities of injury. So, make sure to choose golf umbrellas in brilliant colors to transform them into an attention grabbing billboard for your brand.

A golf umbrella will not only protect the players and safeguard their gaming equipment but make high visibility promotional items that will put your brand on a wide display. Keep these tips in mind to land a great deal. Are you planning to make golf umbrellas your promotional items? Do share your ideas and tips with us at our facebook page.

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