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Shade Your Brand during summers with Custom Market Umbrellas

9 ft x 8 panel personalized Tulip Market Umbrella

Are you looking for adequate shading for your brand during the summer? Look no further than custom market umbrellas! These market umbrellas not only help to shade the surroundings in summer, but also lend a great exposure to your business. They also give a new identity to your surroundings or campus. Here is how you can ensure everything goes right while choosing them –

Types : There are two styles of market umbrellas available in the market – traditional garden umbrellas and typical market style umbrellas.Garden type umbrellas are bell shaped and they work well for roof top cafeterias, outdoor eateries because they are they are laid on the patio table by drilling holes in its center or they can be affixed firmly on sand for better reliability. Eateries and restaurants, which operate in small spaces, can easily settle for rib length half market umbrellas.

If you own a very serious type of business and wish to wow your customers with your smart acumen, then it is better to go for triangular or rectangular shaped umbrellas. These umbrellas are heavily inspired by large market umbrellas, which were used around European open markets by marketers to shade their produces and vegetables. These umbrellas feature canopy-topped posts with wind vents and straight edges. You can experiment with these kind of umbrellas in large open spaces or highly competitive marketing area.

By installing a market umbrella, you are not only given a trendy makeover to your business, but also showing others that it is easier to shade large areas, without splurging much.

Features : Market umbrella is a vast term and they aren’t created equally. Three basic features, which distinguish these promotional market umbrellas are – stand, frame, and canopy.

  • Frame You can choose from wooden and metal frames offered in various styles, sizes and shapes. The wooden frames are created from durable varieties of timber woods such as teak, hardwood or mahogany and crafted in timber furniture setting. Metal frames are lightweight, unique, durable, and comparatively cheaper. Metal frames produced from steel, aluminum, and chrome. Aluminum variety is the most popular under this category.
  • Canopy There is always an abundance of choices, when it comes to canopy material. Most marketers prefer to go with vinyl, polyester, and acrylic canopies because they require less maintenance and can withstand shrinkage and stains. If you are not sure about your choice, then get it touch with the customer care department of the retailers, from whom you wish to purchase.

Apart from these features, you can match colors with your outdoor décor, surroundings or with cushions of your outdoor furniture.

Checklist for Purchase :

While purchasing market umbrella, you have to ensure that –

  • Umbrella is offered with warranty As market umbrellas are heavily priced than regular promotional umbrellas, so you need to ensure that you remain covered, even if something goes wrong within a year of installation.
  • Umbrella is equipped with user-friendly features You have to learn how umbrella can be operated without any external help. You have to check that umbrella bears user-friendly features, which can be easily managed by you or your staff.
  • Check whether base is included in the umbrella price or you have to buy it separately.
  • Check customer support and assistance offered by the retailer, when something goes wrong.

Essentially, if you want your brand information to stand out, you can easily do it with these astonishing customized umbrellas and present your customer a great outdoor space under sun.

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