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Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

9 ft x 8 Panel Patio Umbrellas

Custom patio umbrellas not only transform outdoors, but also shade your brand information from scorching heat and increasing competition. Here are certain tips, which discuss salient features, which you need to check before making the buying decision.

Frames : Most oversized umbrellas such as a patio umbrella, beach umbrella, and market umbrella are offered with metal and wooden frames. Wooden frames are usually made from mahogany, hardwood and teak with timber furniture finishing. Wooden frames are heavier and they are perfect, if you are expecting a permanent solution. Aluminum frames are lighter and they are portable, too.

Lift : Lifting is an important aspect of a patio umbrella. Heavier umbrellas are supported by cranks, which means you can raise them when required. Lighter umbrellas are managed by pulleys, controlled by a rope, and is secured with a pin.

Shade Size : While scouting patio umbrellas on any online stores stocking custom umbrellas, you can see hundreds of them in different shades. If you are not sure about the size, you can check with the supplier or you can confirm it with others in your area, who are using these umbrellas. The size is determined by diameter, but there might be some, who may consider it from end of top to bottom of the downside. As a general rule of thumb, you have to consider an umbrella of 5 feet for a table hosting 4 people.

Tilt : Tilts will help you to maximize the shade of an umbrella and will help you to save your head from UV rays. Some umbrellas can be tilted by rotating its ribs, whereas in push button system, the shade is adjusted with the touch of a button and in auto system, they are managed through the cranks.

Fabric : After confirming on features, you have to check the appropriate fabric for the promotional umbrella. The cost of a patio umbrella is summed up by the choice of fabric. If you prefer to invest in cheaper ones, then there are all chances that they fade with time and along with it your branding information may blur too. To avoid this, you have to take care to invest in fabric, which is affordable, yet durable. Some of the popular choices are –

  • Olefin – A sunlight and weather resistant fabric, perfect for areas with high moisture content.
  • SolarVista – A lightweight acrylic fabric produced in France.
  • Spun Poly – A polyester known for its colorfastness, sturdiness, durability and softness.
  • Sunbrella – 100% dyed fabric, made in USA and bearing UV resistance
  • Coolaroos – This is a breathable fabric with UV protection. It aids in air circulation due to its breathable weave.

Guarantees and Price Savings : After confirming on the above factors, you have to check whether the retailer offers you – a guarantee of support. Is there any warranty offered for this product? How much time it will take, if you report an issue? If you are trained about product handling at the time of installation? If you grab best buy prices on bulk ordering? If the price of stand is included in this product, etc

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