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Why Custom Mini Umbrellas Will Make Great Handouts

Now that the sunny summer is around the corner, outdoor events and trade shows will pick up the pitch. For marketers, it makes a great time to make their brand seen by investing in some practical and well retained custom gifts .

Mini umbrellas will obviously make a smart choice. These lightweight umbrellas come in various popular sizes and a convenient foldable design that makes it easy to store and carry around.

Why mini umbrellas

Unbeatable choices:  From auto open to manual, vented models and those with reflecting accents, mini umbrellas offer a lot of choices.  Auto open and close design will make it easy to operate for the users with one hand.

An interesting model to consider includes Lil Jo Auto Open Umbrellas. Ample color choice will make it a great choice for color themed events. Color coordinated shaft and fiberglass ribs round off its interesting profile. Wind reflex frame, Black rubber spray handle with color accent and matching sleeve are the other stylish traits of these auto open/close umbrellas.

42 Inch Arc Promotional Lil Jo Auto Open Umbrellas

Compact size

Designed to fold down to sit in totes or bags, mini umbrellas are any traveler’s delight. Vented Executive Mini Umbrellas make a small yet mighty choice. With a handy auto open & close and vented  design,  these umbrellas can withstand winds with ease. Designed to fold down to just 10″ in length , these can be easily stored in purses or bags. Your message and artwork on these handy umbrellas will get a lot of attention.

43 Inch Arc Personalized Vented Executive Mini Umbrellas

Different price rates

Mini umbrellas are offered in just about every price rate, which makes it ideal for all types of events- both big and small!  Add to it the big plus of low minimum quantity offer, which makes it possible for marketers to employ these logo items even in small events like employee appreciation days or corporate game days.


The compact design and the attractive color choices that include both classic colors and fashionable hues will make these umbrellas a versatile gift to reach out to every genre of audience irrespective of age or demographics differences. So, if you are looking for a gift that will never fail to impress your audience ; plus work for your brand, you have a perfect choice in mini umbrellas. These stylish umbrellas never look out of place and your recipients will be happy to  get these brollies in the most trending fashion colors and prints.

Wish to use custom mini umbrellas as promotional items? Browse our collection and choose a model that will matches your budget and promotional theme.

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