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 A Quick Guide On Buying Custom Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are not just sunshades but also set up a great outdoor party arena in the entertaining summer season. From sipping your morning coffee, to enjoying a breakfast alfresco and reading your favorite paperback, there is a lot to love about the great outdoors when the sun is out. A patio umbrella is as much important as the outdoor seating options and end tables as it will ensure a pleasant shaded area in the sunny outdoors.

7 Ft Personalized Wood Look with Tilt Umbrellas

Stay Cozy and Safe

The right patio umbrella will create a perfect setting to take your summer fun outdoors. These ensure extra comfort by keeping the patio cool and well shaded from the sun’s rays that will leave you in distress. Patio umbrellas block harmful UV rays and protect you against burns and sun exposure. Patio umbrellas will also keep the beer well chilled by protecting it from the sun and keep the furniture beautiful and long lasting by preventing sun exposure.

Patio umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and choosing the right model can be it may be easier said than done. Here are some of the popular patio umbrellas for your patio, porch or deck.

Patio umbrellas are the best PR items

Patio umbrellas are similar to Market umbrellas that were originally used by vendors in ancient market places. However, patio umbrellas have become part of the outdoor fun and parties these days. These durable and sturdy umbrellas would hold up to more than just the sun’s rays. It is a great option to enhance outdoor residential spaces as well. Choose from various models like steel, fiberglass and aluminum poles and ribs to ensure durability and high performance even in the most challenging outdoor conditions.

A powder-coated aluminum pole can provide sturdy performance and style. Steel may be stronger than aluminum, but rusting often becomes an issue. Fiberglass patio umbrellas are sturdy, rust proof, lightning resistant and long lasting, which makes these ideal for the golf greens and open grounds.

100 inch Large Ten Panel Custom Patio Umbrella With Fiberglass Frame w/ 4 Colors

Small umbrellas: For smaller spaces or patio tables, 7-foot patio umbrellas are available.

Standard size:  One of the most popular size in patio umbrellas is 9 foot in diameter.

Large: For larger spaces, you can choose umbrellas in 10-foot and 11-foot sizes are available.

Choose from a wide range of shapes like square, rectangle and oval shapes in custom patio umbrellas.

Promotional 72 inch Economy Patio Umbrella w/ 9 Colors

Apart from the size and shape of the patio umbrella, you should consider several features that will affect its use and versatility.

Cantilever Umbrellas: In this model, the canopy is supported by a pole on the side. This design makes it easy to position the umbrella around your outdoor space. It is ideal for placing over hot tubs, hammocks and outdoor sofas among others

 Auto-tilt patio umbrellas are easy to operate and can be adjusted to keep the sun out of your eyes without having to change your seat as the afternoon progresses.

Massive and attractively colored, patio umbrellas will make a high visibility billboard for your business. Make use of the generous imprint space to position your brand, message or artwork to get the audience engaged with your business right away. Whether  it is an outdoor tradeshows, an alfresco dining option or a special promotion event at your stores, these umbrellas will bring in a festive appeal to even a low key event.  Bring in a festive feel to your summer outdoor promotions with these trendy umbrellas!

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