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4 Best Custom  Umbrellas For Every Genre Of Travelers

Summer is the right time for most people to add a few more trendy umbrellas to their collection. Not just to stay safe from the sun but also to flaunt the fashion colors and trends, umbrellas indeed have become part of the outdoor style for everyone these days.

Custom Printed Leopard ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas

Businesses looking for a seasonal staple to get their message across can’t go wrong with custom umbrellas. When your recipients are likely to be travelling your message will hit a high speed trail as well. Anything imprinted on these will reach a bigger and fresh audience every time your prospects travel! Well, these consistent exposure turns into leads and bigger brand publicity for you. The best part is that this happens all the time – that too at one time investment!

 Here are some best choices to consider

Mini umbrellas

Mini umbrellas are made for travelers who want something small and light weight. Durable and highly functional, these umbrellas will fit in the bags easily as well.  These handy models close down to a few inches, which make it easy to carry in a bag or purse for your recipients wherever they go.

37 Inch Arc Personalized Mini Pencil Umbrellas

Anti wind umbrellas

 The vented design and reinforced ribs will make these umbrella a perfect choice for bad weather days,. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get these sturdy antiwind umbrellas that won’t  get blown inside out in a gust leaving them drenched. Any traveler won’t mind the extra weight if it means your umbrella won’t turn inside out as often! These well retained gifts will make a great place for you to position your message this summer. Check it out.

62 Inch Arc Personalized Vented Typhoon Tamer Umbrellas

There are even heavy duty umbrellas like Safety Auto Open Folding Umbrellas that can withstand high winds. The double canopy construction and Partial white fiberglass frame  that  enables re-shape from gust are the main features of these umbrellas that are good for both heavy rain and wind. If you have an audience groups that are outdoorsy and travel often, this could well be a great choice.

Imprinted Safety Auto Open Folding Umbrellas

Large Umbrellas for Couples

Reach out to groups and families by handing out these large umbrellas that can hold more than one person under its sprawling canopy. Whether it is their colleagues, golf buddies, family members or more, these golf umbrellas will make a great way to celebrate companionship. While most umbrellas are designed for just one, this umbrella will address the need of pairs.

Promotional Splash of Color Golf Umbrellas

Inverted umbrellas

No traveler will like the idea of getting their costly car carpets wet and soggy  when they get inside from rain and unfold the wet umbrella. This is where inverted umbrellas come into the picture. They can check into hotels, airports or cafes without the embarrassments of leaving water trails from their wet umbrellas all along. The clever design of these umbrellas will make it fold inside out thereby trapping the rainwater within the folds and preventing it from spilling over!

Custom Imprinted Inversa Inverted Umbrellas

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