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How to Choose the Best Patio Umbrellas- A Quick Guide

Post pandemic, more people are forced to spend their time closer to their home and backyard due to social distancing norms and infection risks. So, there can’t be a better time for businesses to  hand out custom patio umbrellas for their regular clients and employees to enhance the outdoor experience of the prospects while their brand gets a decent display.

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A nice patio umbrella in your back or front yard can make a great holiday setting during Halloween, cookout parties and more. pitch these umbrellas  near the swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, or an outdoor table to change the party settings and create the right mood. Versatile and cheerful, these outdoor umbrellas provide shade in any outdoor location and bring in a festive fervor.

However, patio umbrellas may not be as popular as standard umbrellas, which could make  the selection process a bit challenging for marketers. This quick guide will help you get started on a solid footing.

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Choose an appropriate model

Before choosing a patio umbrella you should have a fair idea on where these umbrellas will be used. Assess whether it is going to be mounted on the soft sandy beach or the hard ground at the back yard. This will give you a clear idea on the best models to opt for. If the patio umbrellas are used for cookouts and BBQ parties make sure that there is enough space to mount the umbrella away from the open flame to prevent fire accidents.

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  1. Climate of Your Location

The features of the patio umbrellas that you buy should match the weather conditions of the locality. For instance, in the sunny weather you may need an umbrella with a UV resistant canopy while in areas with windy climate, you may have to choose an anti wind umbrella.

By choosing appropriate models you can make sure that these patio umbrellas will remain in regular use and your recipients will find it highly practical. If the umbrella that you handout will not meet the climatic needs of the area, your prospects may shove it in the cellar forever.

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How to find the right model

Patio umbrellas are available in two types including center pole umbrella and the offset/cantilever patio umbrella. The umbrella that you choose should meet the space constraints and the usage of the target audience.

The umbrella canopy should be wide enough to provide shade from the sun and the rain. Ideally a 10ft diameter patio umbrella may be needed for the outdoors. An adjustable umbrella canopy with tilt and rotation features will enhance the utility and the coverage area in tune with the changing weather conditions. The canopy fabric should be quick dry fabric and easy to clean. Bright colored canopies will enhance the visibility of the umbrellas and draw easy attention.

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Now that you have some tips to choose the best patio umbrellas, browse our complete line of custom patio umbrellas to choose a model that matches your needs and budget. Should you need any assistance, we are only a call away.

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