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Four Unique Ways To Use Custom Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas are an extremely useful giveaway.

Available in a wide range of models in every price rates, umbrellas make a handy gift choice for corporate events.  If you are looking for a  gift with a high perceived value for your high value clients, custom umbrellas will make a great choice. Even business associates who may have everything in their possession will like these giveaways.

High retention

Umbrellas are retained for 14 months or more, which makes it the most retained item among promotional items. Above all, umbrellas make a great background for any logo, which can be custom printed to match your business branding.Whether you wish to promote an event or motivate customers, umbrellas are the way to go.

Here are some interesting ways to use custom umbrellas

For event decoration

Besides, umbrellas make a clever way to make your corporate colors part of the event décor. Colored promotional umbrellas can brighten up any occasion whilst boosting your brand. Models like market umbrellas branded with your artwork and message will stand tall offering shade in the summer days. It will also double up as a cover from the drizzle during  outdoor corporate events.

Smaller models like telescopic umbrellas with artwork can be  hung from the ceiling or used as centerpieces. You can also prop these in corners as decoration during corporate parties. Above all, at the end of the event, marketers can distribute these umbrellas to the guests as souvenirs.

Invitation Umbrellas

Turn umbrellas into creative save the date invitations for events like corporate golf holidays.  Check out these custom golf umbrellas printed with the date and venue of the event . It will indeed remind your clients of the date well in advance. Moreover, it will surely show that you care. The branded umbrella will later be a memento of the event.

Umbrellas as props

Custom umbrellas make a perfect addition for photoshoots. It can bring life to even an average photo opportunity. Your customers will undoubtedly be excited to show off these trendy umbrellas as they share the snapshots in their social  pages, while your brand gets a perfect display.

As fashion accessories

Leave a statement and reach out to your audience with full color umbrellas. These are not just functional but incredibly fashionable as well. Umbrellas with a hook handle will also leave a lasting statement in the minds of even the most discerning customers.

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