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Promotional Umbrellas – Gifts That Get Used And Shared!

It is yet again time to celebrate the change of seasons and ensure a quick makeover of the wardrobes for most people. Winter is indeed a season of unpredictability. From sleet and rain to frost and winds, it is the season that poses a lot of challenges to the outdoorsy people. Having adequate weather wear items will go a long way in easing the hardships. That is what makes imprinted umbrellas a great handout for marketers.

Promotional umbrellas will help businesses to get the desirable name recognition and brand popularity. Just think about the multiple times in a day when your recipients reach for an umbrella. People may discard a business card, but no one drops a stylish and functional umbrella into the trash! Offered in a range of brilliant colors, models and sizes, custom umbrellas make an imposing billboard for your brand and message.

Additionally, promo umbrellas tend to change hands often and may find its way to different desks, hands and bags during its shelf life. These freebies will get passed on to the friends and relatives of your original recipients’ every time they ask for a umbrella to stay safe from the weather elements or when they get caught against the adverse elements.

Custom umbrellas are offered in a range of price points

Custom umbrellas are available in a range of price rates, which make it easy to choose model that suits your budget and target audience. Putting your name and logo into your prospects’ hands can outweigh the return you may get from radio or print ads that have only a very short shelf life.

Everyone needs umbrellas

Umbrellas are something everyone needs. Not just as weather wear items but as fashion accessories or photo props, umbrellas have come a long way from its modest origin of being simple weather wear items that were designed to keep the users safe from rain and shine.  Umbrellas make a subtle and interesting promo gifts that will promote your business without seeming as if you’re promoting. Whenever your client uses these logo items,  your brand will get a wide angle display and everytime they share it with others or pass it to someone else, your brand exposure will go up manifold.

Be it the mighty golf umbrellas, the pint sized mini umbrellas, tote umbrellas and everything in between, umbrellas will literally leave you spoilt for choice. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a hugely popular handout that your audience will never get enough of talking about!

Personalized Four Seasons 55 inch Arc Totes® Golf Size Auto Open Folding Umbrella


Custom printed umbrellas, put simply, are an ideal fit for promoting any business or brand. Your prospects and clients will thank you when they are caught unawares by rain or snow. Umbrellas will never look odd in any promotional context, which in turn will make it a great choice for all types of promotions and connect with a diverse audience.

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