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3 Reasons To Make Custom Umbrellas Your Promotional Items

Custom umbrellas will make a long lasting promotional item that will put your message in your target market for a long time. If you have been using only advertising by mail it may not be memorable for your customers. Adding imprinted umbrellas to your marketing arsenal can be a great way to stand apart from your local competitors. Firstly umbrellas are effective, highly useful and above all budget friendly.

Umbrellas are Effective

Imprinted umbrellas will literally put your name into the hands of your prospects and won’t get lost in a shuffle of flyers and brochures. People bring them into their homes and will be pleased to make your brand part of their daily life. Everyone needs umbrellas to keep themselves safe from the weather elements and to accentuate the style. Why risk getting lost in the shuffle of mails and brochures when you can easily stand out from your competition with this prominent marketing tool?

Umbrellas are Economical

Considering the consistent impressions that custom umbrellas make during its shelf life, these logo items fit into the slot of budget friendly gifts that will give the best value for your money. These can be handed out in person during tradeshows and store promotions thereby allowing you to skip that stop at the post office!

A Memorable Marketing Tool

Reports show that useful gifts enjoy a higher retention than novelty items and these full color umbrellas that can be printed on both sides or even handle or case with ad copy and helpful tips will indeed make heads turn. Anything imprinted on umbrellas will get noticed and read. Every time your recipients carry these to the camping sites, outdoors or game days, your brand will stand out in the crowd and grab easy attention. A smartly customized umbrella will make a great talking topic as well because nobody can resist these high visibility logo items

Now that you have some solid reasons that make custom umbrellas a great marketing tool, get started with these best selling models that will make eye popping billboards for your brand.

Telescopic Folding Umbrellas These brilliantly colored umbrellas with automatic open feature,  rubberized handle and wrist strap will make a great handout to consider. Ideal as holiday gifts, store promotional items or employee appreciation gifts, these handy umbrellas will put your brand on a wide display.

58 Inch Arc Personalized Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

Umbrella with Collapsible Cover  These automatic open custom umbrellas are just right for a bad weather day. The plastic collapsible cover is an added attraction of these polyester standard umbrellas with metal shaft. Black or Royal Blue, both with Silver Handle and Frosted Clear Cover are the color choices in which these custom umbrellas are available.

46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrella with Collapsible Cover

Splash of Color Golf Umbrellas: Paint the golf greens with some brilliant color strokes by using these golf umbrellas that will grab easy attention. Wind resistant and attractive, these umbrellas can accommodate more than one person, which will further drive up its usability.

60 Inch Arc Promotional Splash of Color Golf Umbrellas

Need more?  Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your promotional needs. Happy shopping!

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