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Smartphone-Friendly Inverted Umbrellas- Product Spotlight

 Umbrella trends and models evolve faster than we can even imagine. Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be plain and boring black canopies that were designed to keep the users safe from rain and shine. These days, umbrellas bring together the best in form and fashion to suit the changing times and the needs of the modern users.

In the product spotlight section, we are featuring 46 Inch Arc Personalized ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas. These smartphone friendly inverse umbrellas will impress the modern users who live mostly in the digital world.

46 Inch Arc Personalized ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas

These windproof reverse folding umbrellas with a C-shaped Handle will ensure the best hands free convenience for the users. These umbrellas can be held with your wrist, thereby leaving your hands free to make a phone call, to check messages or browse as you please without the risk of dropping the phone or the umbrella!

There are over 250 million smart phones in use in the US and people keep these in their hands all the time, even when they are carry out their daily chores. So, these smart umbrellas will be a hot favorite for the smart phone savvy US audience. They won’t even have to leave their phones behind even in rain and while holding this umbrella. Amazing isn’t?

These umbrellas are best for home life, travelling and on the move. The inverted design is another big plus of these innovative umbrellas. Designed to open and close in reverse direction these will  prevent the car seat or floors getting wet when the rain soaked umbrella is closed. The unique design will trap the rainwater inside without spilling it over. These umbrellas can stand upright when folded , which makes it easy to drain out the water held within! The users can confidently open or close these umbrellas  in heavy rain anywhere as it will keep them dry all through.

These automatic open, double-layer reverse car umbrella is the best gift for your clients and employees. Extremely practical, affordable and impressive, these umbrellas will easily make the hottest talking topic for your recipients as well. The best part is that your recipients can keep using their smart phones even when they are walking with an umbrella on a rainy day.

Here are some of the other features of these umbrellas 

  • Smartphone-friendly C-handle
  • Massive 46″ canopy that can ensure ample coverage both in rain and shine
  • It takes care of the problem of a rain soaked umbrella where water drips everywhere. The reverse design will keep the wet side of the umbrella contained and away from you.
  • Offered in a range of attractive colors, with a light gray under canopy, these umbrellas will ensure maximum promotional impact for your message.

Are you planning to use these trend-setting umbrellas with a high functionality and fashion index as your promotional swag? Just right for the evening spring showers and the brilliant summer sunshine ahead, these logo umbrellas will make heads turn literally! Shop right away

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