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How Umbrellas Help You Gain Advantage

Umbrella giveaways make a smart promotional method to attract consumers and popularize your brand.

Umbrellas are practical items for daily use and are an absolute necessity for everyone. Umbrellas not just protect the users from bad weather but also will increase their outdoor fashion. Ideal as corporate giveaways or gifts with purchase, these handy accessories will surely increase the perceived value of the  purchase of your customers!

Why We Love umbrellas as Giveaways?

Visually Appealing

Custom umbrellas are available in a range of trendy models and popular colors , which gives it a dramatic appeal when out and about. Moreover, umbrellas come in solid colors , alternate colored panels and even full color canopy among others to complement your branding tone.

Resonates With Brand Image

Consumers will associate these high value gifts of umbrellas with your brand identity. Make use of the generous imprint space to highlight your social commitment, fun profile with appropriate artwork and message. Your customers will never forget about the brand as it increases finer brand remembrance!


Giveaways like umbrellas with high utility will certainly be highly appreciated by customers. Umbrellas are also eco-friendly as it is reusable and can be used for years to come. Hence, your brand can  maximize sales by offering something that customers will use.

Additional Functionalities

An umbrella in itself is a valuable promotional gift. However, to enhance it appeal, brands can consider multi-functional models like cooler bag umbrellas or flashlight umbrellas , which offer dual utility. Hence your brand on these umbrellas will have dual exposure at one time investment.

 Attracts Customers

In a retail market flooded with brands , you need something eye catchy like umbrellas  to stand out in the competition and grab the attention of your audience. Custom umbrellas are thus an excellent way to lure your shoppers to your place. Plus as these are highly customizable, it can designed in a way to attract your target customers.

Get your message into the right audience

Umbrellas can be designed for tabletop use and for marketing on the go. Moreover, it is a very great way to convey messages and deliver information. Choose from a wide range of models like patio umbrellas to golf umbrellas or mini umbrellas to suit the preferences of your target audience for the bets impact.

 Proven marketing tools

Even though digital media is on the rise, traditional  giveaways like umbrellas still deliver . Put your brand on a wide display wherever your recipients go by making it well customized. It may sound old-school, but its reputation in the marketing industry is very evident.

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