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Inverted Umbrellas For Outdoor Publicity

Put a fun twist to the standard umbrella with this innovative model of inverted umbrellas.

Though it looks like an ordinary umbrella, it will fold upside down thereby keeping the wet side of the umbrella away from the users. As it traps the rain water within its folds, it wont leave the floors and cars messy as well.This innovative umbrella that opens in reverse makes life easier and make the rainy day experience pleasant. Nobody can resist these umbrellas that will not let out even a drop of water, then when they fold it before going inside.

The second advantage is that these umbrellas are self-standing, and hence do not require an umbrella stand to hold it.

Why offer an innovative product?

Offering innovative products like custom inverted umbrellas will surely surprise your audience and leave them excited.  In addition, it will give your brand a competitive advantage to stand out in a saturated market. By handing out unique gifts like inverted umbrella, your brand is much more likely to be remembered! .Fun and interesting products like inverted umbrellas will generate buzz and more brand awareness. In addition, it will keep the customers feel appreciated and special.

Limitless options

Available in a wide range of solid colors and interesting prints like clouds or leopard print, these printed umbrellas can be easily matched with your theme. In addition, inverted umbrellas offer the dual advantage of having two different looks for the umbrellas while it is open and closed.

Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be plain and boring. These days it has become a fashionable accessory for most people. Let your prospects show off their fashion forward traits while being outdoors, with these interesting umbrellas while your brand gets a decent display.

Inverted umbrellas are not something your audience will get as freebies every other day.  It is this novelty factor that makes it all the more interesting. Customize it with your brand and artwork to make it reflect your brand identity.


Umbrellas make high utility handouts with a high perceived value. So, if you are looking for a handout for your special clients or events, look no further than inverted umbrellas.

High retention

Umbrellas enjoy a retention of over 14 months or more, which makes it  handouts with the highest retention.   Just think of the impressions your brand on it will get during its shelf life. So, if you have been looking to take your outdoor branding to a new high, look no further than these logo items.

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