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How Umbrellas Increase Brand visibility

Companies can easily put their brand on the go with unique advertising swag like custom umbrellas and stand out from the competition.

These fully customizable umbrellas will take your branding on the road and reach out to a large number of people.Available in a range of different models and colors, logo umbrellas are perfect for all types of branding. Any brand can use umbrellas for brand building considering the fact that umbrellas are available in every price rate. Make use of the generous imprint space on the canopy to place your logo, call to action message and more. More people are likely to notice your message on umbrellas compared to stationary advertisements such as posters.

Apart from being an effective advertising method, umbrellas also offer benefits to the customers by keeping the safe from weather elements. A trendy branded umbrella will even boost the outdoor fashion of the users and will add a pop of colors to their dressing style.These advantages combined with  the high perceived value of umbrellas make it a great handout to consider. Custom umbrellas are a good way to promote your brand during different holidays and seasonal events such as Christmas or New Year.


So, if you are looking for something different to surprise your customers, printed umbrellas make perfect gifts. Exuding a classic charm, these umbrellas  have a higher perceived value than most other giveaways.

Easy to customize

Print your company logo on one panel, alternate panels or the whole canopy to make people stop on their tracks. If you prefer an understated branding, you can even imprint the inner canopy or the handles of umbrellas with your brand.

Attract easy attention

Provide clear brand visibility and attract attention with these premium giveaways that make ideal gifts to reward your customers and employees for their brand loyalty over the years. Get something special for your customers and drives sales at the same time. Plan your next promotion now.

High retention

Umbrellas have the highest retention of over 14 months, which makes it a giveaway with long term promotional value.  Thus your brand on umbrellas will get consistent impressions at one time investment.


Printed umbrellas designed with your logo, is an accessory for every day. Your audience will get engaged with your message in a subtle yet effective way day after day. These stylish , branded umbrellas often make a great talking topic among their friends and family members as well. It will surely take your message further ahead to a larger audience

Once you have selected your favorite umbrella, select the color and quantity as well as the desired printing technique. Before you know it, you will be able to set off your advertising campaign.

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