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Promotional umbrellas –Brand promotion anywhere anytime

Let’s be frank about it! Umbrellas are something everyone needs. An unexpected rain shower can spoil a golf weekend, an outdoor wedding or parade and this is what makes custom umbrellas popular promo items as well. Everybody will be pleased to get umbrellas at any time; so even if you choose to distribute custom umbrellas over and over again, the value for your gift will never go down.

Massive imprint area

Umbrellas have massive imprint area that is hard to miss that will allow businesses to open up to new marketing possibilities. Umbrellas are versatile and gender neutral, which makes it ideal for all types of audience. From compact models like folding umbrellas to full size golf umbrellas and everything in between, you can choose a model that matches your budget and the needs of your audience.

Personalized 41 inch Full-size Manual Open Folding Umbrella

If you are looking for maximum imprint area, settle for golf and patio umbrellas. Offered in a range of brilliant colors, these massive umbrellas make a stylish way for your recipients to stay safe from weather elements. They will love to carry these impressive brollies during picnics, corporate holidays and a lot more and these eye popping umbrellas will become the popular banter topic in their circles.

Imprint options galore

It is not just the massive imprint area that makes custom umbrellas a true winner. It also offers countless imprint options too. From the bold and big canopy imprints to the subtle and understated imprints on the inner side of the canopy ort at the cases or handles, umbrellas have a lot to offer.

Umbrellas for the fashion forward

It is interesting that umbrellas have evolved to be fashion accessories and style props from just being functional weather wear items. If you are looking for a model that will appease the fashion forward and outdoorsy clients, check out these fashion umbrellas that are compact, trendy and popular. These stylish umbrellas will ensure your brand the much desired portability and exposure. Fashion umbrellas can be used to promote fashion shows, career fairs, concerts and other events. Ideal for busy travelers, students or anyone looking for a reliable and easy way to stay dry!

Ecofriendly models

Highlight your ecofriendly credentials in your promotions with these recyclable umbrellas that show your social commitment as well. Leave a lasting impression among your clients with these umbrellas that will never add up to the landfills. 44 inch Arc Totes Eco brella Auto Open/Close Umbrellas are made of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and industrially certified fabric used for canopy making, frame made up of 70% recycled materials and strong bamboo handle. Non Woven Executive Umbrellas With Bamboo Shaft is another brilliant option for marketers who wish to give back to the society in a unique way. Made of recyclable products, these custom gifts will make your brand closer to the audience.

Personalized Black 44 inch Arc Totes Eco brella Auto Open/Close Umbrellas

Browse and shop for umbrellas that will match your needs. Your favorite model is only a few clicks away! You can also visit our facebook page for more tips and blogs on custom umbrellas

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