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Personalized Wedding Umbrellas Can Make Your Special Day Memorable

Wedding is not just a beautiful celebration of two people but a great reason to share the happiness with their near and dear ones with a wedding party. Make your wedding day stand out with custom-printed umbrellas that leave indelible impressions of your big day. You’ll remember your wedding forever no matter what. Now, make sure your guests also remember it, with these spectacular giveaways

46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas w/ 4 Colors

Offered in a wide range of models, sizes and colors, custom umbrellas will leave you spoilt for choices literally. Choose something that matches your theme of your event, customize it with your message and artwork to make it a perfect giveaway for guests during your outdoor wedding. Umbrellas will make a constant reminder of your wedding for a long time to come.Choose the colors, choose the message, choose the image you want your guests to see, and create a perfect wedding favor that they’ll love to use it over and over again!

Instead of giving guests treat bags they’ll eat and forget about, use wedding umbrellas to create a long-lasting memory of your special day. These will keep your guests cool in the sun and make great props for photo booths. Umbrellas give guests  not just a tangible reminder of your wedding  day but a highly practical item that they find useful.

39 Inch Arc Promotional Totes Folding Mini Umbrellas

Custom wedding umbrellas create inexpensive but lasting memories of your important day. You could always give them wedding day treats that aren’t going to last. But doesn’t it make more sense to offer something they can keep for years and years to come?

Rain or shine, umbrellas will easily add specks of color and elegance to your wedding.  The best part is that you get a creative opportunity to play around with colors and add some fun to your big day. Apart from a lively milieu, umbrellas make dramatic pictures as well!

Colors matter!

Play around with colors to cast a magical spell among your audience. Gel with the theme, stand out with contrasting colors or mix up bright and subtle colors to come up with something unique.

37 Inch Arc Personalized Mini Pencil Umbrellas

Transparent umbrellas

Bring in a heavenly feel to your wedding day with transparent umbrellas. The signature dome shape and large canopy would hold the couple in style while some great snapshots are captured under the rain! The colored trims will add a pop of fun colors to the subtle transparent design. So, if you have some intimate wedding photos in mind, look no further than these transparent umbrellas.’

47 Inch Arc Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle


A unique message can add a nice personal touch to the wedding umbrellas. Whether it is the wedding date , initials or wedding message that is special to you- anything imprinted on wedding umbrellas will give it a personal touch.

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