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A Quick Guide On Using Colored Umbrellas As Promotional Products

Umbrellas date back to 16th century or earlier. In historical times, umbrellas were used as symbols of royalty and power. Today, these functional objects have undergone a lot of transformation to become impressive accessories and effective promotional items. Umbrellas not just protect people from rain or shine but make impressive billboards for brand promotions, marketing events and festivals.


Businesses spend huge amounts on promotions to reach out to their target audience. Promotional umbrellas make potent tools in the marketing arsenal of business owners to beat the competition and win new customers. Novelty is indeed the buzzword for success in the promotional world and marketers often look for unique and interesting ways to present their brands and announce their deals.

Though umbrellas may be ordinary daily use items, these hold immense marketing potential when employed in the right manner. Interesting customization options, exciting models and color choices will all go a long way in adding a dramatic charm to the logo umbrellas. Umbrellas are available in a range of interesting sizes and shapes that range from the pint sized ones to the massive patio umbrellas and everything that falls in between.

Offered in a palette of solid colors and interesting prints, umbrellas make exciting billboards for promoting brands, deals, events and causes. Customized umbrellas also make excellent party favors, employee gifts, tradeshow hand outs and even fund raising items.

Fashion umbrellas that bring together fashion and functionality in equal measures will be a perfect choice to consider. Folding umbrellas or full color umbrellas enjoy perennial popularity all round the year, which makes it well accepted gift ideas to consider for budget marketers. No matter which umbrella model you are choosing, the well admired colors listed below will give you a few hints on the customization options and the colors to consider.

  • Red- This color symbolizes joy and passion and will make the best traffic stoppers. Personalize Custom red umbrellas with your message or artwork to paint the town in red. It will make a perfect choice for red themed sports leagues, school spirit rallies and events like Valentine’s Day events, Christmas promotions and more that will make your competitors see red!

Personalized Red 43 inch Arc Windy Umbrellas

  • Clear- Beautiful like a bubble, these transparent umbrellas will give your recipients the added privilege of seeing the rain drops and the open sky above while remaining well shielded from the pounding rain. A transparent umbrella will give your recipients a wonderful chance to feel the nature and to see your brand imprinted on these in a fresh perspective.

48 inch Arc Bubble Custom Transparent Umbrellas

  • Blue- Bright and peaceful, blue is the color that can elevate moods and make people happy. Even on a bright and sultry sunny day, a blue umbrella will bring in a cool and relaxed look. Check out our exclusive range of blue colored logo umbrellas to choose a model that goes well with your theme. Custom blue umbrellas are perfect giveaways for all seasons and will make your brand stand out in style. Put on your creative caps to come up with some smart personalization methods and see how the whole world goes crazy over your brand.

Personalized Royal Blue 40 inch Arc Economy Auto Open Folding Umbrellas

  • Yellow- Bright and flashy, yellow is the color that denotes the fall colors, the beauty of spring and the bright summer season all at once. So, if you are planning a yellow colored trade show booth, look no further than these yellow umbrellas as logo gifts and even as tradeshow décor items.

Personalized Yellow 42 inch Arc Trendy Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

  • Pink: Pretty and feminine, pink is the color to celebrate feminine charm and womanhood. Be it Mother’s Day, Women’s day, Breast cancer awareness day or more, these pink colored custom umbrellas will fit your bills nicely. Imprint your logo, mascot and message on these and you are all set to make the whole world fall in love with your brand.

Personalized Pink 72 inch Arc Economy Beach Umbrellas

Need more colors? Browse our exclusive section to shop by colors and flaunt your favorite shades. Now that the holiday season is on, it is the time for tradeshows, fairs, festivals and community events. So, if you have been looking for a perfect promotional item to complement your color themed event, these custom umbrellas could well be the choice. Get started right away!

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