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 Advantages  of Using Custom Design Umbrellas

Promotional gifts like umbrellas not just make decent impressions but put your brand on a wide display as well.  One of the reasons that make custom umbrellas a crowd favorite is that it can be easily  customized to match a specific promotional need; plus these will stand out in trade shows or in crowded streets.

Umbrellas are promotional items that your audience will  find useful, meaning that your brand will have the visibility you hope for. Every time your recipients use these logo umbrellas  to stay safe from bad weather your branding will be visible. Practical and most likely to be used by your customers, umbrellas have many benefits as a marketing gift.

Promotional Color Flip Inverted Folding Umbrellas

Attention grabbing

Applying your brand on an umbrella is the best way to stand out in the competition. Offered in a wide range of bright colors, branded umbrellas will attract consumer attention for all the right reasons.  Get more exposure for your brand with unique and fashionable custom umbrellas that will also make your brand easily identifiable by its color scheme.

Make use of the high visibility imprint space including the whole canopy or the individual panels. Umbrellas are incredibly customizable, which means you have  endless branding possibilities at one time investment.

Promotional Hands Free Stick Umbrellas

Easy to Store

Umbrellas are lightweight and will fold down to a compact size, which makes it easy to store. These are not sensitive to heat or water and can even be placed in patios  or in garden sheds for a long time until you use these again. Umbrellas don’t expire either so your recipients are not  pressured to use it immediately!


Umbrellas are available in a wide range of trending models like inverted umbrellas, double canopy umbrellas and so much more. A stylish , branded umbrella will make an easy talking topic among your audience as it stands out in events, picnics and holidays.

Vented Custom Printed Umbrellas w/ 8 Colors


Promotional umbrella is a very practical advertising gift a it will be used on a regular basis by your recipients, which in turn will guarantee far more exposure for your message with very little effort or cost. All round the year, your promotional umbrella will be seen by many people in many different locations.

Black & Sky Blue 46 inch Auto-Open Large Clouds and Sky Folding Umbrella


Promotional umbrellas make long lasting handouts. Reports show that these enjoy a retention of over 14 months or more. Just imagine the impressions that your brand may make during the shelf life of umbrellas.Unlike conventional branding items like leaflets and brochures, promotional umbrellas do not contribute to public littering and are seldom discarded by recipients. In fact, your customers use  these logo items time and time again, which also offers you brand longevity.

Promotional umbrellas are a highly effective way to market your brand. Just put on your creative caps to customize promotional umbrellas for your customers, clients and associates and stay spotted!

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