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Custom-Made Umbrellas- The Easiest Way To Make Your Occasions Special

These days, custom-made items are special and in vogue not just as personal gifts but also as promotional items. If you are looking for a meaningful gift that will hold a special value among your audience, custom umbrellas will make a great choice. Everyone needs umbrellas in their daily lives; so why not impress your audience by handing out custom umbrellas that are imprinted with your brand, message or artwork to make them unique and personal. Your recipients will love to flaunt this limited edition branded umbrellas in their social circles, thereby giving your brand a wider brand display.

Personalized standard umbrellas are versatile and gender neutral gifts that will appease every genre of your audience. Turn ordinary umbrellas into custom-printed ones and you have a special gift in hand. You can personalize in a bold and flashy manner on the outer canopy or opt for a subtle and understated pattern by imprinting your message on the innerside or the handles. Offered in a range of popular sizes right from mini umbrellas to the staggering golf umbrellas and everything in between, it is never too hard to choose custom umbrellas that match your needs and budget.

Here are a few smart ways to make these custom umbrellas part of your marketing mix.

Wedding props: Enhance the beauty of the wedding snaps by using these colorful standard umbrellas as wedding props. It is a perfect way to add color and character to your personal moments without making them look tacky. You can imprint wedding dates, thank you messages or names of the couples to give it your personal signature. Offered in a range of brilliant colors, standard umbrellas are easy to customize and distribute to the entire entourage to make attractive patterns and formations during your bridal photo shoot.48 inch Arc Custom Standard Umbrellas w/ 16 Colors

Wedding gifts: Wedding umbrellas will bring in an orient theme for the weddings and add specks of brilliant colors and beauty. The wooden frame and the ruffle designs will give opulence and grandeur for wedding umbrellas. Choose umbrellas in your wedding theme color for added impact. The whole wedding party will look trendy with these umbrellas during outdoor events and photo shoot while your guests will have a perfect wedding day gift that they will cherish all their life

Personalized 43 inch Wedding Favor Umbrella

Business promotion: Though not many people think about custom umbrellas as business promotional gifts, it ranks high in visibility and popularity. These highly functional weather wear items will offer a generous imprint area for your brand and every time your recipients use these logo umbrellas they will be reminded of your message and the whole world takes note of it! Umbrellas make perfect custom items for promoting resorts, hotels, financial institutions and fashion brands – just to list a few.

Holidays and Festivals: Looking for a holiday gift that is truly special? Look no further than custom  full color umbrellas for Easter, New Year and St. Patrick’s Day among others. Put your message, logo and festival symbol to make it well retained and talked about.

Have you used umbrellas as party favors or promo gifts before? Share your thoughts at the comments section below to join our conversation.

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