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Custom Printed Umbrellas – Draw Easy Attention of Your Audience

Practical and popular among all age groups, custom umbrellas will never fail to work for your brand

Do you think your brand is not getting the attention that it deserves even after spending money on expensive television or marketing campaigns?  Check our giveaways like custom umbrellas with a high perceived value to impress your audience and draw their easy attention right way. Think of marketing your brand in a unique and trendy way and reach out to your prospects easily. Your logo imprinted on custom umbrellas is sure to be remembered while your brand can take advantage of ongoing exposure.

Fun to Customize

When you have a massive imprint space at your disposal, you can get as creative as you wish with your promotional message. Whether you wish to print your artwork on the whole umbrella canopy, on alternate panels or on a single panel, you can easily come up with a style that aligns with your promotional theme. Choose a color that matches your corporate theme and you’ll have an advertising product that is uniquely your own!

 Stay On Trend

There are a wide range of styles to choose from in custom umbrellas. Make sure to choose trending models in umbrellas to ensure your custom printed  umbrellas get used more often. For instance, inverted umbrellas are currently seeing a huge surge in popularity while wooden hook handle umbrellas remain the undisputed choice in classic models.

Use the Soft Sell strategy while customizing

Make sure that the umbrella is visually appealing so that your clients will feel happy to use it. Do not plaster the umbrellas with glaring logo and message that will make them look like moving billboards. While customizing, adopt a subtle tone that emphasize on style than advertising.

Guaranteed Exposure

Another great thing about placing your logo on an umbrella is that it offers guaranteed exposure. As it’s placed at the eye height of people around, whoever your recipients are talking to will also be exposed to your branding! Thus with a logo umbrella, you can advertise your business to hundreds of people each day.

 Gifts with a high perceived value

Umbrellas may not necessarily be the best budget friendly gifts around. However the long retention and the brand building capacity of umbrellas will make it a worthy investment. Plus, when you need an elegant gift choice for your high value clients and customers, umbrellas will make a safe bet.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then it’s clear that custom printed umbrellas are an excellent choice.  Trendy and contemporary, umbrellas are a great way to target people of all age groups and demographics. Wish to learn more about how umbrellas can help your business? Reach out to our friendly team to get your head in the game!

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