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How Hospitality Industry can Cash In On Changing Fashions in Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas make perfect corporate gifts, team spirit items, fund raising items and so much more.  With an assured ROI, umbrellas make a safe advertising swag for marketers. Here are some facts and figures that will underscore this.

 As much as 45% of consumers in the United States own promotional umbrellas and retain it for an average of 14 months. Umbrellas make around 1,100 impressions during its lifetime, which works out to roughly one penny per impression! Anything cheaper in promotions can happen only in your dreams!

60 Inch Arc Promotional Splash of Color Golf Umbrellas

Building brand recognition is the crux of all business promotions because studies have shown that majority of consumers prefer doing business with a brand that they know and trust. So, enhance your brand visibility and customer engagement by handing out practical items like custom umbrellas.

Though all businesses can employ custom umbrellas as their promotional items, hospitality industry has some great creative scope to use custom umbrellas in promotions. Umbrellas fare well as employee gifts and promo items for hotels and event planners. You can also find large colorful umbrellas bearing the brand and message of hotels at the entrance of hotels for the staff to help their guests reach their vehicles or get out of it during rain.

60 Inch Arc Custom Logo Golf Umbrellas W/ 3 Colors

Golf hotels will find custom golf umbrellas a great choice to engage the golf loving community. Choose from a wide range of models and colors. You can even sell it as souvenirs in the shops attached to the hotels or golf clubs.

58 Inch Arc Promotional Ultra Value Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrellas

Beach resorts and hotels will have a few extra delightful reasons to include umbrellas into their promotional mix. Great for the sun or the unexpected showers, these beach umbrellas will indeed get your message into a wider audience every time your guests  are on the beach.  Make your promo umbrellas interesting and brag worthy by getting it imprinted with artwork, message or slogans and see how people will get interested to know more about what you do!  Your recipients may even be pleased to share it in their instagram pages along with their holiday snapshots!

6 Feet Custom Printed Beach Umbrellas

No matter what way you choose to use imprinted umbrellas in your promotions you are rest assured of a great return on your investment.

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