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Custom Umbrellas- Excellent Giveaways  For Banking Industry

Financial institutions use a fresh list of enticing promo gifts year after year to impress their customers and to stand out in the competition.  Banking industry is a highly competitive niche where you need extra ordinary promotional caliber to get your message across the audience by cutting through the publicity clutter.

Custom Leopard Inverted Folding Umbrellas

At a time when promotional budget has been down sized due to the pandemic situation, financial institutions can bank upon the popularity of handouts like custom umbrellas to stay afloat and make leads. Custom umbrellas make great referral gifts for customers who may refer new leads. Banks find referrals a valuable source of business leads.  Encourage the existing customers to bring in new leads by making them feel appreciated with useful handouts like umbrellas.

Choose from a wide range of fashionable models like inverted umbrellas, antiwind umbrellas and mini umbrellas among others. Customize these with your message and logo in a tasteful way so as to make it appealing and popular.

62 Inch Arc Personalized Vented Typhoon Tamer Umbrellas

Right from banking giants like Bank of America, down to start-ups, financial institutions of every genre are coming up with a cache of gifts for customers. Branded umbrellas have a higher perceived value that will go well with the banking industry. Unlike other business verticals where magnets or t shirts may make perfect gifts, banking sector is typically associated with a classic audience who may look for handouts with a higher perceived value like umbrellas

Custom umbrellas can also be handed out as milestone celebration gifts, employee handouts or even as swag in financial tradeshows. Umbrellas can generate a lot of buzz even in crowded events thanks to its imposing size and eye catchy colors and patterns.

Mini 42 inch Arc Umbrellas w/ 13 Colors

Planning a corporate sports event or sponsoring an athletic event? Custom umbrellas will make great marketing tools to spread the word. Sports events draw huge crowds that will potentially see your brand. So, investing in promotional umbrellas during sports events is a smart move to ensure more value for your promotional dollars.

Be it custom golf umbrellas in the greens or the folding umbrellas along the sidelines, there is something special for every sports event. Order umbrellas in the colors of your home team, get it imprinted with the mascot or team anthem along with your contact details and information to make it a pedigree game day gift for the sports lovers.

Mini 42 inch Arc Umbrellas w/ 17 Colors

You can also sell it at the ticket counters or handout to the volunteers or a few raffle winning fans to create an interest in the stands and turn the attention of your audience towards your brand.

How do you think custom umbrellas will make a perfect promotional item for banking industry?  Find us in Linkedin or facebook to share your ideas.

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