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How to Get the Most of Custom Umbrellas in Boosting Brand Exposure

Umbrellas are unique handouts that anyone would love to get. Marketers that wish to invest their promotional dollars on custom giveaways that will never be overlooked can choose logo umbrellas.

Umbrellas not only protect your prospects from bad weather, but will enhance their outdoor dressing style as well. And you can always get custom umbrellas to suit the recipient’s lifestyle. For instance, if your prospects are into outdoor activities, you can choose models like golf umbrellas that will ensure more coverage and durability.

If finding the perfect gift seems to be an overwhelming task, umbrellas will definitely make an excellent choice, no matter the occasion or time of year. Umbrellas are always useful . Your recipients will love to flaunt this limited edition branded umbrellas that reflect their style as well.

Think about the lifestyle of your recipients and items that they may need but may not have. Durable and practical umbrellas will make a great choice. Not just for everyday use but for activities like golfing, beach holidays and camping among others. Thus marketers can handout the perfect gift that their recipients don’t want to take off in the form of custom umbrellas.

Umbrellas make great conversation topics

Your recipients will surely be excited to share the snapshots of  these custom umbrellas among online communities and social media pages. It will make a fun way to connect with a larger audience  for your brand. For your recipients will be a great opportunity to find common ground with  even  people whom they don’t know.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday umbrella or need some extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, custom umbrellas could be the right choice.

Why choose promotional umbrellas?

High retention of umbrellas means long term exposure

Umbrellas have the highest retention of 14 months among promotional giveaways. Thus they are used far more frequently than most other promotional products. The incredibly long shelf life means that your brand will get a lot of exposure. Umbrellas are also an everyday item that people carry every time they are outdoors. Thus your brand will get a high visibility without any repeat effort.

Large branding area

The trump card of promotional umbrellas is its massive imprint area, which will offer ample space for your message and artwork. Marketers are thus able to add more information to impress the audience and engage them with their brand.

Limitless options

Whatever the requirement, there is indeed a perfect model  in promotional umbrella that will suit your target audience.  For instance, if you are trying to reach out to the travelling community, small and compact mini umbrellas will be a good choice.  These popular models will be reused over and over again to ensure consistent impressions for your brand. For corporate events and golf holidays, golf umbrellas are perfect. These will enjoy a long retention, which in turn will ensure increased brand exposure.

Umbrellas really stand out

Impress your prospects and enhance brand exposure through promotional handouts like umbrellas. Choose interesting models like inverted umbrellas or  double canopy umbrellas  that will inspire your prospects to use it more often  thereby putting your brand on a wide angle display.

 Umbrellas with reflective rim and transparent bubble umbrellas are also in high demand, as they can be seen from a distance. It will even help people to associate a sense of fun and creativity with your brand.

Wish to make logo umbrellas your marketing swag?  Reach out to our team for tips and ideas.

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