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Umbrellas-Make Your Brand Part of Life

 If you’re looking for an inexpensive take-everywhere giveaway for your clients and employees, look no further than custom umbrellas.

Available in various models like the classic wooden hook handle models or those with a transparent canopy or neat carry case, umbrellas will give you a lot of choices.

From basic models like those with fancy features, umbrellas offer something special for everyone. Choose models like strong yet light weight umbrellas for everyday use. Handy features like  push button  opening or soft handle will make a definite plus. 

Manual umbrellas

Some classic models like manual open umbrellas never go out of fashion. The strong frame and superior quality is a real plus.

Double canopy umbrellas

Strong and stylish, these umbrellas with the molded rubberized handle are nice to hold.  It will surely withstand the bad weather elements. Thus, these umbrellas offer tons of reasons for you to buy!

Telescopic umbrellas

If you’re looking for something extra compact you can carry with you anywhere, choose telescopic umbrellas. these light weight umbrellas fold down to fit in the palm of your hand. Though it might not be the most sturdy when it comes to heavy wind, it is effective against the sun. In addition, it will make a perfect choice for the travelling crowd. With a range of colors available, it’s a solid choice for an affordable, emergency option.

 Inverted umbrellas

Wet umbrella woes are probably as serious as the rainy season woes. Check out these innovative inverted umbrellas that will fold inside out to keep the rain water trapped within its folds. Above all, it will not only keep the users dry but also the rooms dry. Offer the non-messy convenience of handling wet umbrellas with these custom umbrellas and get your message right in the hands of your audience. The stand- alone design  of inverted umbrellas is another brownie point worth discussing. Offered in a wide range of prints and colors, these umbrellas will undoubtedly make gifts that are hard to overlook. Furthermore, you can make it unique by imprinting your logo and design.

Hands free umbrellas

Offer the ultimate hands free convenience for the users with these custom umbrellas. These hands free umbrellas have a loop handle that can be held in place with the wrists while freeing up the hands to hold the phone or a bag. Hence, it is a perfect choice for the busy urban crowd. You will surely love the brilliant color choices in which these umbrellas are available. Customize it with your logo, artwork and message to make it stand out effectively.

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