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Unique Ways Custom Umbrellas Highlight Your Brand

Promotional umbrellas are a massive hit with marketers across the world and why not! These are practical, economical, and highly retained! As long as the umbrellas you choose  are trendy, people will continue to appreciate receiving these everyday items as gifts!

Promotional UnbelievaBrella™ Auto Open and Close Reverse Compact Umbrellas

How many times have you relied on umbrellas as giveaways? If you are yet to use it in your marketing mix, it’s time you did!  Not just as promo items, custom umbrellas make great milestone gifts and  awareness giveaways among others.

Whether it is  your employees, sports team or volunteers, imprinted umbrellas will make great team spirit items in various promotional situations. logo umbrellas in your brand color create a feeling of oneness and belonging in them and make your team stand out easily during events.

Vented Windproof Umbrellas

Umbrellas as promo gifts got a  great push when major brands launched these in different color and size variations, which made these stay forever! Many brands realize the worthiness of using umbrellas to highlight their logo because of the high visibility that umbrellas enjoy. It is like a rolling billboard that will get people around to take note of the advertised brand.

Here are some unbeatable advantages of using custom umbrellas in marketing your brand

Umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and price rates

Ordering umbrellas in bulk will help marketers save a pretty penny.  The affordability associated with umbrellas make these an indispensable marketing tool. Choose from various popular models like inverted umbrellas, antiwind umbrellas, auto open and close umbrellas and a lot more.

Printed Leopard ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas


TV and print ads have a very short recall whereas high utility handouts like umbrellas are retained for long without any major wear and tear. It is this long lasting marketing potential that provides umbrellas the high desirability among marketers!

Umbrellas appease a wide demographic

Umbrellas are liked by all kinds of people, whether young or old, men or women! And there is a wide variety of umbrellas available in the style  that meets the preference of your audience while  connecting your brand with them.

Ideal for all kinds of events and functions

A strong advantage associated with umbrellas  is the fact that it can be given away at any place, event or time of the year! These wont look out of place in any event and are easy to distribute.

60 Inch Arc Custom Imprinted Umbrellas

Impressive imprint area

The winning card of umbrellas is the massive imprint area on the canopy. Your logo and message featured on these umbrellas can never go unnoticed! People will definitely take a second look to know more about your message. The best part is that umbrellas stand out in the crowd even in bad weather and enhance your brand visibility.

Launch a marketing campaign with umbrellas as freebies and you will be surprised at the visibility your brand gains! Get in touch with us for more tips and assistance.

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