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How Custom Mini-Umbrellas Can Enhance Your Marketing Leads

Custom Mini umbrellas will make great promotional items that will advertise your brand and will offer a gift item that your recipients will use for a long time. These are small and sleek and can fit into almost anywhere and can be used in sun, rain or snow too. Both young and old will love these pint sized umbrellas offered in a range of colors. Customize these with your brand and message and see how your audience will be pleased to have a custom gift that they can actually use everyday.

44 inch Arc Custom Printed Two-Tone Safety Umbrellas

Choose The right audience

Custom umbrellas can be handed out during business events and tradeshows, outdoor summer promotions and more. Put your brand and message on these umbrellas and hand it out at the exit door. Restaurants and shops can even use these umbrellas to walk people out to their car on a rainy day under your printed umbrella and a business card swap.

As free gifts

Promotional Mini umbrellas will make great loyalty gifts and store promotional items. Hand it out to your high value regular customers or as raffle gifts. If you have a store front, you can even leave a bunch of personalized mini-umbrellas for your customers to take on a rainy day. Every time they use these handy items, they will be reminded of your brand and message. They will also promote your brand since anyone who sees these pretty umbrellas will learn about your business.

As party favors

Mini umbrellas will make cute party gifts for luau and jungle themed parties. Be it a family get together, corporate picnic or a product launch, these custom gifts will surely grab easy attention. These will also make perfect wedding favors for outdoor and destination weddings.

Colors galore

The biggest attraction of mini umbrellas is the fact that these are offered in a range of brilliant colors and price points. Choose a color that compliments your logo and message. Bright colors will get noticed easily for sure; however make sure to avoid eye piercing colors like fluorescent green or orange if you have a mixed audience of customers of all age groups.

Make the most of the low cost advantage of Mini printed umbrellas and ensure your brand the much needed portability and exposure. Light weight and easy to carry, these umbrellas will make a great billboard for you to advertise your brand for a long time as well. Unlike many other custom gifts, umbrellas are always out in the open and in front of a crowd, which will give an added advantage for the marketers. Be it the two tone safety umbrellas, the Vented Executive Mini Umbrellas or the Totes Folding Mini Umbrellas, we have a lot of models to choose from.

How are you planning to employ these custom umbrellas in your brand promotion? Tell us in the comments section.

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