A Quick Guide on the  Best Ways to Use Umbrellas In Marketing

Promotional umbrellas are often overlooked by most marketers especially those on a modest budget because of the comparatively higher sticker prices. However, the important point that is left out is the high perceived value that umbrellas enjoy and how well it can enhance the reputation of your brand.

During high profile business events and to reach out to  a premium league of clients and customers, ordinary handouts may not cut the ice. This is where  elegant gifts like promotional umbrellas  make serious contenders.

ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas

Why use custom umbrellas? Here are some solid reasons and unique  benefits that only custom  umbrellas can ensure.

Large imprint space

The winning card of logo umbrellas is its large and prominent imprint space on the canopy. Marketers have a creative canvas for them to bring alive their artworks, slogans, taglines , puzzles or anything else that they wish to share with their audience. The solid color choices  of umbrellas will further enhance the creative scope of your brand promotions.

Customized Golf Umbrellas


Everyone needs umbrellas in their everyday lives to stay safe from elements or even to boost their outdoor style. Celebrities even use umbrellas to stay anonymous in the crowd and escape the flashing camera lights.  Useful all through the year, umbrellas  make a walking talking billboard for businesses at one time investment

High visibility

Umbrellas are always on display during outdoor events, fairs, parades and festivals.. Thus it makes an effective branding tool that remains in the plain sight of the audience and even stand out in the crowd – literally!

Full Color Fashion Umbrellas

Something special for everyone

Umbrellas are not plain functional anymore. Available in a wide range of models, colors and shapes, it is an outdoorsy person’s delight. You can even choose square shaped umbrellas or inverted umbrellas that are designed to close and open in reverse!

Flashlight umbrellas that bring together the dual utility of flashlight and umbrella is another interesting model. Wish to be the life of the party?  Check out these speaker umbrellas that features a cooler, a speaker and an umbrella to  tick the boxes of the ultimate party staple for summer.

Printed Blue Sky and Clouds Inverted Umbrellas

From printed market umbrellas for conferences and outdoor events to auto open umbrellas or mini umbrellas which can be kept in a glove box , there is an umbrella model which will every class of clients will find useful.

46 Inch Arc Custom Imprinted Umbrellas

Rain or shine, custom umbrellas imprinted with your logo and message will make the ultimate outdoor marketing tool that you can ask for. Every time weather turns bad,  umbrellas get opened up to put your message on a proud display. All you need to do is spare a thought on how you want your branded umbrellas to look and feel. Reach out to our team for fresh ideas and customization tips to make your promotional umbrellas class apart!

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