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Get More Value Form Your Promotional Dollars With Custom Innovative Umbrellas

Innovation in umbrellas? If you though that there is not much scope for innovation for these nondescript items of umbrellas, you could be in for a surprise. Invented thousands of years back, umbrellas have not undergone a major change in its basic design except materials. However, today, umbrellas have become a fashion accessory that remains out in the open all round the year apart from being a weather wear item.

The best part is that custom umbrellas have a lot of innovative and inspiring models to choose from. Gone are the days when umbrellas were purely seasonal items that came out of the closets only during rain and winter.

Here are some interesting models in custom umbrellas that will make a great addition to your marketing mix.

Antiwind umbrellas: Umbrellas that get toppled by the lashing winds leaving the users wet and soggy in the pounding rain are a nightmare. Antiwind umbrellas are designed to withstand the gusts with ease and the confidence of the users as they can carry it without the fear of getting it blown inside out, often making them a laughing stock in front of the crowd.

60 Inch Arc Custom Imprinted Umbrellas

The sturdy design and reinforced fiberglass ribs plus the vented design that will arrest the speed of the wind are some of the general features of these umbrellas. It makes a great choice for the busy commuters and travelling employees. Your brand and message imprinted on the canopy of these umbrellas will get a wide angle display wherever your recipients go! These high utility promotional umbrellas will draw all eyes on to your brand message, and are among the most valued promotional gifts that clients like.

Inverted umbrellas: Wet and soggy umbrellas that leave a trail of water wherever the users go has become part of history. Check out these inverted umbrellas that are designed to fold inside out thus holding the rain water within its folds to avoid it from spilling over to the floor of your cars  or home.  Choose from a range of attractive color choices, customize it with your brand and message and you have a futuristic umbrella for your audience.

46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Leopard ViceVersa Inverted Umbrellas

Hands- free umbrellas: Holding an umbrella will keep your hand fully occupied. However in this modern age of multi tasking, we have an interesting umbrella model that suits the busy life style of the users. These hands free  umbrellas have a loop handle through which the hands can be passed to keep the umbrella in place while freeing the hands up to use phone or hold purse or even your baby! It is a useful design that everyone will appreciate.

Custom Inverted Umbrellas

Looking for more such interesting models? Reach out to our product experts for tips and idea or watch this space for updates.

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